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Poet in Place and Time

Critical Essays on Joanne Kyger

Edited by Mary Paniccia Carden and Jane Falk

Pages: 250 pages

Published: May 2024

The Beats and the Academy

A Renegotiation

Edited by Erik Mortenson and Tony Trigilio

Pages: 280 pages

Published: April 2023

Harold Norse

Poet Maverick, Gay Laureate

Edited by A. Robert Lee and Douglas Field

Pages: 304 pages

Published: February 2022

The Beats, Black Mountain, and New Modes in American Poetry

Edited by Matt Theado

Pages: 344 pages

Published: October 2021

The Beats

A Teaching Companion

Edited by Nancy McCampbell Grace

Pages: 416 pages

Published: March 2021

In the Rebel Cafe

Interviews with Ed Sanders

Edited by Jennie Skerl

Pages: 288 pages

Published: August 2020