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Virginia Woolf, Europe, and Peace

Volume 2: Aesthetics and Theory

Edited by Peter Adkins and Derek Ryan

Pages: 342 pages

Published: June 2020

Virginia Woolf, Europe, and Peace

Volume 1: Transnational Circulations

Edited by Ariane Mildenberg and Patricia Novillo-Corvalán

Pages: 318 pages

Published: June 2020

Virginia Woolf and the World of Books

Edited by Nicola Wilson and Claire Battershill

Pages: 312 pages

Published: June 2018

Virginia Woolf and Heritage

Edited by Jane de Gay, Tom Breckin, and Anne Reus

Pages: 256 pages

Published: July 2017

Virginia Woolf and Her Female Contemporaries

Edited by Julie Vandivere and Megan Hicks

Pages: 237 pages

Published: June 2016

Virginia Woolf Writing the World

Edited by Pamela L. Caughie and Diana L. Swanson

Pages: 247 pages

Published: June 2015

Virginia Woolf and the Common(wealth) Reader

Edited by Helen Wussow and Mary Ann Gillies

Pages: 277 pages

Published: June 2014

Interdisciplinary / Multidisciplinary Woolf

Edited by Ann Martin and Kathryn Holland

Pages: 314 pages

Published: June 2014

Contradictory Woolf

Edited by Derek Ryan and Stella Bolaki

Pages: 326 pages

Published: June 2012

Virginia Woolf and the Natural World

Edited by Kristin Czarnecki and Carrie Rohman

Pages: 258 pages

Published: June 2011

Woolf and the City

Edited by Elizabeth F. Evans and Sarah E. Cornish

Pages: 265 pages

Published: September 2010

Voyages Out, Voyages Home

Edited by

Pages: 146 pages

Published: June 2010

Woolf Editing / Editing Woolf

Edited by Eleanor McNees and Sara Veglahn

Pages: 258 pages

Published: June 2009

Virginia Woolf

Art, Education, and Internationalism

Edited by Diana Royer and Madelyn Detloff

Pages: 196 pages

Published: June 2008

Woolfian Boundaries

Edited by Anna Burrells, Steve Ellis, Deborah Parsons, and Kathryn Simpson

Pages: 196 pages

Published: June 2007

Woolf and the Art of Exploration

Edited by Helen Southworth and Elisa Kay Sparks

Pages: 253 pages

Published: June 2005

Woolf in the Real World

Edited by Karen V. Kukil

Pages: 232 pages

Published: November 2005