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Virginia Woolf

Art, Education, and Internationalism

Edited by Diana Royer and Madelyn Detloff

Virginia Woolf: Art, Education, and Internationalism focuses on the themes of art, education, and internationalism. This volume presents new research by an international team of scholars on topics as diverse as Woolf’s response to war, Woolf and desire, Woolf’s literary representation of Scotland, Woolf’s connection to writers beyond the Anglophone tradition, and Woolf’s reception in China, to note just a few.


About the Editor

Diana Royer is Professor of English at Miami University. Madelyn Detloff is Professor and Chair of English and Professor of Global and Intercultural Studies at Miami University, Ohio. She is the author of The Persistence of Modernism: Loss and Mourning in the 20th Century and The Value of Virginia Woolf, and co-editor of Queer Bloomsbury.

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Pages: 196 pages

Published: June 2008


ISBN: 978-0-9796066-4-9




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