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Virginia Woolf Writing the World

Edited by Pamela L. Caughie and Diana L. Swanson

Virginia Woolf Writing the World addresses such themes as the creation of worlds through literary writing, Woolf’s reception as a world writer, world wars, and natural worlds in Woolf’s writings. The collection represents the theme of internationalism in Woolf’s work, but its global appeal is likewise reflected in the diverse range of contributors from around the world. The volume is divided into four themed sections: “War and Peace”; “World Writer(s),” which reads the Woolfs in a global context; “Animal and Natural Worlds,” which brings recent developments in ecocriticism and post-humanist studies to analysis of Woolf’s writing; and “Writing and Worldmaking,” which addresses various aspects of genre, style, and composition. In addition to a myriad of historical perspectives, the book also brings us back to international and cultural conflicts in our own day, reminding us why Woolf still matters today.

About the Editors

Pamela L. Caughie is Professor of English at Loyola University Chicago. Diana L. Swanson is Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and English at the Northern Illinois University.

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Pages: 247 pages

Published: June 2015


ISBN: 9780990895800

ISBN: 9780990895817




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