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Journal of South Carolina Water Resources

The Journal of South Carolina Water Resources (JSCWR) is a peer-reviewed, open-access publication established in 2013 by South Carolina Water Resources Conference planning committee members to enhance outreach efforts. It is a publication of the Clemson Extension Publishing Imprint. The annual issues are published in December, and past issues are archived on the JSCWR website.


The aim of the Journal of South Carolina Water Resources is to provide a forum for articles about the condition of South Carolina’s water resources, with the goals of influencing science-based management decisions and heightening awareness. General categories of submissions include data-driven analysis and policy or case study management. South Carolina is a water-rich state, and as our population and economy continue to expand, access to reliable and clean water resources is critically important for the resiliency, health and well-being of South Carolinians. To protect and sustain our water resources, we must share comprehensive knowledge and promote awareness of critical issues.


An open call for submittals is announced annually. Submittals must be related to South Carolina water resources or applicable to water resource professionals within the private, public, or academic sectors in South Carolina. General categories of submissions invited by the editorial committee include data-driven analysis and policy or case study management. Full Research Articles and Short Communications are accepted. Please visit the JSCWR website for additional information.

For updates and reminders related to the JSCWR, please subscribe to the South Carolina Water Resources Center e-list or contact the Managing Staff Editor, Dawn Anticole White.

Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service

Editor (2020–2022)
Dwayne Porter, Ph.D.

2017–2019 Editor
Devendra M. Amatya, Ph.D., P.E.

2014–2016 Editor
Timothy J. Callahan, Ph.D.

Managing Staff Editor
Dawn Anticole White, M.M.C.

Editorial Committee
Adem K. Ali, Ph.D.
Elizabeth R. Carraway, Ph.D.
Gwendelyn Geidel, Ph.D.
Raghupathy Karthikeyan, Ph.D.
Susan Libes, Ph.D.
Geoff Scott, Ph.D.
Thomas Walker III, Ph.D.
Thomas M. Williams, Ph.D.