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Winter Tree Identification for the Southern Appalachians and Piedmont

Donald L. Hagan, Crystal Strickland, and Hailey Malone

Trees can be identified through features such as leaves, bark, buds, and twigs. In the spring and summer months, leaf morphology is the most common method of tree identification. But when fall and winter arrive, deciduous trees lose their leaves. Winter Tree Identification is the only detailed photographic guide to identifying the diverse species of deciduous trees in the southern Appalachian Mountains and adjacent Piedmont regions regardless of the season. Featuring nearly 400 color photos and written for both the novice and hobbyist, this is the most accessible and comprehensive guide to the nearly 100 species of trees found throughout the Southeast.

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About the Author

Donald Hagan is Assistant Professor of Forest Ecology at Clemson University.

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Pages: 204 pages

Published: October 2019


ISBN: 978-1949979145


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