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W. B. Yeats’s A Vision

Explications and Contexts

Edited by Neil Mann, Matthew Gibson, and Claire Nally

W. B. Yeats’s A Vision: Explications and Contexts is the first volume of essays devoted to A Vision and the associated system developed by W. B. Yeats and his wife, George. A Vision is all-encompassing in its stated aims and scope, and it invites a wide range of approaches—as demonstrated in the essays collected here, written by the foremost scholars in the field. Throughout, the different contributors take a variety of stances with regard to texts and the automatic script.


About the Editors

Neil Mann works as an editor, translator, and teacher, and as an independent scholar, specializing in the works of W. B. Yeats, particularly his esoteric interests and A Vision. Matthew Gibson is Associate Professor of English Literature at the University of Macau. Claire V. Nally is a Lecturer in Twentieth-Century English Literature at the University of Northumbria.

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Pages: 374 pages

Published: July 2012


ISBN: 978-0-983-53392-4

ISBN: 9781942954194


Irish Literature