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Modernist Reformations

Poetry as Theology in Eliot, Stevens, and Joyce

Stephen Sicari

Modernist Reformations: Poetry as Theology in Eliot, Stevens, and Joyce demonstrates how these three high-modernist writers reform religious experience for a skeptical age. Using studies of religious experience by sociologists and theologians both from the modernist era and from our own contemporary world to frame the argument, Sicari examines the poetry closely to demonstrate that the work of these writers does not merely reflect religious themes and issues but also does the actual work usually considered theological. Their poetry is theology. Modernist Reformations renews and deepens appreciation for these writers, and perhaps their efforts at reformation may allow for more engagement with religion in a secular age.

About the Author

Stephen Sicari is Professor of English and Chair at St. John’s University.

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Pages: 256 pages

Published: April 2022


ISBN: 978-1-63804-024-8