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Manhattan Transfer

John Dos Passos, annotated by Donald Pizer

Since its 1925 publication, Manhattan Transfer has been widely recognized as a landmark in American modernism both for its jaundiced portrayal of the American Dream and for its experimentation with the novel form. Clear, factual annotations by the world’s leading expert on Dos Passos’s fiction guides readers through the novel’s dense representation of life in New York City in the roaring twenties.

About the Author

John Dos Passos (1896–1970) was one of the twentieth-century's most celebrated novelists. Perhaps best known for his U.S.A. trilogy, Dos Passos wrote poetry, biography, and memoir. He was also a painter. Donald Pizer has published five books on Dos Passos: Dos Passos’s U.S.A.: A Critical Study (1988), Toward a Modernist Style: John Dos Passos (2013), John Dos Passos: The Major Nonfictional Prose (1988), John Dos Passos’s U.S.A.: A Documentary Volume (2003), and The Paintings and Drawings of John Dos Passos: A Collection and Study (with Lisa Nanney and Richard Layman, 2016).

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Pages: 412 pages

Published: June 2020


ISBN: 978-1-949979-61-9