Seminal Modernisms

Seminal Modernisms is an international partnership between Clemson University Press and the French Society for Modernist Studies. Drawing its name from the French acronym of the society (SEM), this collection seeks to publish innovative and original research in modernist studies and to amplify the voices of modernist scholars in Europe and worldwide. Through carefully peer-reviewed monographs and edited collections, Seminal Modernisms fosters a critical dialogue around the aesthetic forms and cultural experiences that shaped the modernist period. The series aims to interrogate the seminality of modernist experiments, but also to explore their margins, peripheries, and offshoots.

Series Editors
Noëlle Cuny, Université de Mulhouse
Caroline Pollentier, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle–Paris 3

Editorial Advisory Board
Hélène Aji, Université Paris Nanterre
Béatrice Mousli Bennett, University of Southern California
Catherine Bernard, Paris Diderot University
Sascha Bru, Université de Leuven
Stamatina Dimakopoulou, University of Athens
Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec, Caen-Normandy University
Catherine Lanone, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle–Paris 3
Laura Marcus, University of Oxford
Scott McCracken, Queen Mary University of London
Peter Nicholls, New York University
Clément Oudart, Sorbonne
Jean-Michel Rabaté, University of Pennsylvania
Frédéric Regard, Sorbonne
Benoît Tadié, Université de Rennes 2
Naomi Toth, Université Paris Nanterre