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Thomas Green Clemson

Edited by Alma Bennett

Thomas Green Clemson (1807–1888) was no ordinary man. He was, in fact, as unique as he was highly educated, skilled, pragmatic, visionary, and complex. To introduce us to this man, fifteen scholars and specialists of history, science, agriculture, engineering, music, art, diplomacy, law, and communications come together to address Clemson’s multifaceted life, the century and issues that helped shape him, and his ongoing influence today. The biography includes color plates of works from Clemson’s art collection in addition to many other illustrations, which include his own paintings and musical compositions, historic maps, documents, and genealogy charts of the Clemsons and Calhouns dating from the 1600s to the 1970s.


About the Editor

Alma Bennett was Professor of English at Clemson University.

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Pages: 358 pages

Published: April 2009


ISBN: 978-1-942954-73-6


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