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Still Time on Pye Pond

Danielle Fontaine

Still Time on Pye Pond stands at the intersection of literature and visual arts. It is the story of a young White woman, the author’s daughter, rejected by her paternal grandfather for marrying a Black man. The memoir is told principally in encaustic paintings, from the point of view of the mother who remains painfully silent to avoid further unraveling tenuous family bonds. The story follows the author’s technical progress as she reclaims her voice in a newfound medium. Her paintings become the means through which a remnant of harmony is preserved, a hopeful bridge toward eventual reconciliation. The art becomes the words she cannot speak.

“There is something vital in this conversation between image and story of the past—which is not the past at all, which is lived out any time Fontaine walks on Pye Pond. What is there about a belief that is more important than a granddaughter? Where words fail us, maybe these images can tell the story.”
—Jim Grimsley, author of How I Shed My Skin

Still Time on Pye Pond is haunting and memorable. I want to look again at the images and let them wallow in my mind.”
—Leo Twiggs, South Carolina Hall of Fame artist and Verner Award recipient

About the Author

Danielle Fontaine is a visual artist based at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts, in Greenville, SC.

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Pages: 64 pages

Published: February 2021


ISBN: 978-1-949979-82-4


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