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Epic Peters

Pullman Porter

Octavus Roy Cohen, with an introduction by Alan Grubb and H. Roger Grant

“Cohen’s work is the next-best-thing to having an oral history of a Pullman porter during the hey-day of intercity train travel, at a time when the Pullman Company was one of the largest employers of African-Americans. Epic Peters wonderfully encapsulates virtually everything that was once the life of a Pullman porter.”

—Alan Grubb and H. Roger Grant

About the Author

Octavus Roy Cohen was born on June 26, 1891 in South Carolina, where he received his secondary education at the Porter Military Academy, now the Porter-Gaud School. He went on to receive a college education at Clemson University.

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Pages: 136 pages

Published: April 2013


ISBN: 978-0-9835339-4-8


General Interest