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An Annotated Guide to the Writings and Papers of Leonard Woolf

Janet M. Manson and Wayne K. Chapman

The Annotated Guide is an ongoing effort to provide the kind of bibliographic information on Leonard Woolf sometimes found in the pages of Woolf Studies Annual on Virginia Woolf. This book may be used as a finding aid to collections of Leonard Woolf papers, and it substantially augments such tools on the subject as the unindexed Short-Title Catalog (by Julia King and Laila Miletic-Vejzovic) and the slightly indexed but incomplete listing in Leonard Woolf: A Bibliography (by Leila Luedeking and Michael Edmonds).


About the Authors

Wayne K. Chapman is Professor Emeritus, Department of English, Clemson University. He is the author of Yeats and English Renaissance Literature and W. B. Yeats’s Robartes-Aherne Writings. Janet Manson is a historian.

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Pages: 276 pages

Published: December 2018


ISBN: 97819429545382