Two Clemson Books Reviewed in “American Literary Realism”

The current issue of American Literary Realism features two reviews of recent Clemson books: Donald Pizer’s Theodore Dreiser Recalled and Donald Pizer, Lisa Nanney, and Richard Layman’s The Paintings and Drawings of John Dos Passos.

On Theodore Dreiser Recalled, Clare Eby opines: “The book is actually riveting reading because the continually changing perspectives on Dreiser from different subject positions convey a dynamic and complex personality. . . . Theodore Dreiser Recalled is best read in book reviewer fashion, cover to cover.”

Writing on The Paintings and Drawings of John Dos Passos, Elizabeth Petrino finds “a substantive discussion of the artistic influences” on Dos Passos that “tantalize[s] the reader to speculate about other late-nineteenth-century and early-twentieth-century writers whose interest in the visual arts may still be undiscovered.”

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