Eighteenth-Century Moments

Eighteenth-Century Moments is dedicated to outstanding, memorable works of scholarship, from early modern to enlightenment and Romantic literature, history, and culture. Emphasizing depth of research, quality of thought, and accessibility of style—rather than genre, ideology, or methodology—Eighteenth-Century Moments includes books of various kinds—not only critical, historical, and theoretical considerations from within the British, American, and global Anglophone contexts, but also collections of essays, biographies, book-histories, historiographies, single-author studies, and scholarly editions.


Series Editor
Greg Clingham

Greg Clingham (Ph.D., Cambridge) is a Visiting Research Professor at the Humanities Institute of The Pennsylvania State University. A life member of Clare Hall, Cambridge, for more than 20 years he was Professor of English and Director of the University Press at Bucknell University. He is the author or editor of 14 books and dozens of scholarly articles on Johnson, Boswell, Dryden, translation, memory, historiography, Orientalism, archives, the history of the book, and scholarly publishing, including The New Cambridge Companion to Samuel Johnson (2022), Oriental Networks: Culture, Commerce, and Communication in the Long Eighteenth Century(2021), and Johnson, Writing, and Memory (2002). He is presently writing an intellectual biography of Lady Anne Lindsay Barnard (1750-1825), which is also a cultural anthropology of the Cape of Good Hope, c. 1800. Between 1981 and 1993 Dr. Clingham taught at Cambridge, Fordham, and New York universities. Read more about Dr. Clingham’s research and interests on his website.