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International Yeats Studies

The International Yeats Society is an academic organization that links national and other Yeats societies around the world. Conceived on the 150th anniversary of W. B. Yeats’s birth, International Yeats Studies brings together scholarship from Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa, and addresses Yeats’s place in world literature. Published semi-annually, each volume will both respond to the field of Yeats studies and set directions for it. All published articles are subject to double-blind peer review.

International Yeats Studies is an open-access journal, available here.

General Editor
Robert Doggett

Founding Editor
Lauren Arrington

Book Reviews Editor
Tara Stubbs

Editorial Board
Charles Armstrong, Matthew Campbell, Wayne K. Chapman, Alex Davis, David Dwan, Margaret Mills Harper, Laura Izarra, Youngmin Kim, Ben Levitas, Michael McAteer, Lucy McDiarmid, Rónán McDonald, Emilie Morin, Neil Mann, John Paul Riquelme, Alexandra Poulain, Yoko Sato, Ronald Schuchard, Hedwig Schwall, Vincent Sherry, Tara Stubbs, Joseph Valente, and Tom Walker