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Ice on a Hot Stove

A Decade of Converse MFA Poetry

Edited by Denise Duhamel and Rick Mulkey

For more than a century, Converse College has held a unique position in the literary history of South Carolina. Converse graduate Julia Mood Peterkin is the only South Carolinian to be selected for the Pulitzer Prize in fiction (1929), and alumna and poet Ellen Bryant Voigt, a National Book Award and Pulitzer finalist, and a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant recipient, has been credited with starting the low-residency MFA model for graduate writing students. These writers, plus a significant number of others over the last century, have been hallmark authors in the literary history of this state. With the start of the Converse Low Residency MFA in the earlier part of the twenty-first century, the only low-residency MFA in South Carolina, Converse has added a new chapter to South Carolina’s literary history.

This anthology highlights the last decade of outstanding poetry presented in the Converse MFA program and produced by our program faculty, visiting faculty, and graduates.

About the Editors

Denise Duhamel’s most recent books are Ka-Ching! (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2009), Two and Two (Pittsburgh, 2005), Mille et un Sentiments (Firewheel, 2005); Queen for a Day: Selected and New Poems (Pittsburgh, 2001); The Star-Spangled Banner (Southern Illinois University Press, 1999); and Kinky (Orchises Press, 1997).Rick Mulkey is the author of six poetry collections including Ravenous: New & Selected Poems, Toward Any Darkness, and All These Hungers, forthcoming in Spring 2021.

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Pages: 140 pages

Published: May 2021


ISBN: 978-1-63804-004-0


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Converse-Clemson Literature Series