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Gravely Concerned

Southern Writers' Graves

John Soward Bayne

This book presents the graves of writers from the American South. The selection is based on the authors’ popular or critical reputations and the appeal and accessibility of their grave sites. Some may dispute whether these subjects were sufficiently Southern, and whether they were truly writers, but this is certain: they’re all dead. The pictures of their graves, presented chronologically, illustrate Southern literary history, and this book memorializes the artists, some famous and some obscure.

About the Author

John Soward Bayne is a Tennessee native. He became interested in Southern writers' graves when he began speaking at the Cemeteries and Gravemarkers section of the annual conference of the American Culture Association.

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Pages: 294 pages

Published: April 2012


ISBN: 978-0-9842598-4-7


General Interest