David Ellis’s Love & Sex in D. H. Lawerence reviewed in CHOICE

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From the March 1, 2017 issue of CHOICE:

“Any discussion of D. H. Lawrence’s work comes, invariably, to the topic of love (sex, specifically), and with this volume Ellis (emer., Univ. of Kent, UK) satisfies the curiosity readers may have about Lawrence’s interest in this subject. Drawing on biographical elements excerpted from personal letters, psychoanalytic theory popular when Lawrence was writing, and a limited number of scholarly resources, Ellis provides a primer on the development of the author’s love/sex ethos. Those unfamiliar with Lawrence’s life will be fascinated by the biographical details, because Lawrence’s romantic life—which the author often immortalized in his writing—was certainly scandalous for the time. . . . [T]he book provides an intimate look into the essential elements shaping Lawrence’s corpus, and it will certainly provoke discussion.”

—V. A. Murrenus Pilmaier, University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan