Records Retention Schedules

The Records  Retention Schedule determines the retention and disposition of University Records.  The Records Retention Schedule includes 1) a description of the records, 2) length of time retained, and 3) final disposition.  To determine the retention and disposition of your records, please consult these resources.

If you cannot find a records retention schedule for your records, please contact Records Management for assistance.

Clemson University Specific Records Retention Schedules

Department codeDepartment name (Official files maintained by)Schedule numberTitleDescription of recordsRetentionYear updated
General ScheduleCU 10580Procurement recordsFinancial records, vouchers, purchase orders, invoices, requisitions, and credit card.7 years; destroy1999
General ScheduleCU 11240Search and recruiting filesDescription of position, hiring and selection process, candidate history and qualifications, resumes.Executive level-five years; transfer to archives, all others 5 years; destroy2000
General ScheduleCU 11241Dept. personnel Information filesEmployee files not found in HR such as personnel reports, promotion and tenure, supervisors' observations and comments, and job performance appraisals.Faculty credentials 10 years; destroy, all other records 5 years; destroy2008
General ScheduleCU 11242Student information filesInformation not found in Registrar's office which includes personal data, academic reports, activity, placement tests, disciplinary issues, and correspondence.2 years after graduation; destroy2007
General ScheduleCU 11243Meeting minutesMeetings held in administrative and academic departments, which includes attendees, absentees, business discussed and other related information.5 years; transfer to archives1999
General ScheduleCU 11571Reference and CorrespondenceFiles of correspondence, memoranda, annual reports, self-studies, policy and procedure statements, organizational charts, and curriculum.5 years; transfer to archives2000
General ScheduleCU 11572PublicationsPublications generated by the University relating to research, reference, annual reports, football programs, and other university programs.Send 2 copies to University Archives; 15 copies to SC State Library.2000
General ScheduleCU 11573Motion pictures/video tapesFilms and videos depicting educational and instructional methods used at the university.Send to University Archives2000
General ScheduleCU 13140ContractsContractual agreements between the university and another party including dates, parties, type of contract, explanation of agreement, signatures of parties andn related information.6 years; destroy2001
General ScheduleCU 13409Leave recordsRecords that document leave earned and taken by employees, leave reports, type of leave, and leave balances.3 years; destroy2002
General ScheduleCU 13410Leave requestsForms completed by employees to request time off which includes employee name, unit, email, supervisor, type of leave, and hours requested.3 years; destroy2002
General ScheduleCU 15582W-9 formsInformation created by administrative personnel and required by IRS to document vendors and contractors doing business with university, withholding status, taxpayer id number, and certification.Until superseded; no longer needed destroy2010
General ScheduleCU 17029Grants reference filesDocument records relating to grant relevant projects award notifications, proposals, correspondence and project reports.Funded-3 years; destroy; Unfunded 18 months; destroy.2018
General ScheduleCUAAAD-4Photographs and postersRecords of photographs, slides, posters relating to departments of the university.Transfer to archives1988
General ScheduleCUAAAD-10Employee timesheetsTimesheets documenting the hours worked over a two week period.3 years; destroy1988
Institution wide scheduleCU 17467Special event files and applicationsRecords completed by individuals or groups requesting events on campus for approval which include venue, alcohol permission, applicant, event information, organization, date, fees, and signatures of responsible party.3 years; destroy2017
114Agricultural ServicesCU-VPAA-AS-RPS-ACS-3Labortoray ReportsLaboratory reports and tests including samples, summaries, analysis for plant, nematode, soil, tissue, feed, and irrigation water.3 years; destroy1990
133Youth Learning InstituteCU 14054Camper Information FormsRecords consisting of campers for the Youth Learning Institute which includes medical information, arrival and departure dates, and special needs.11 years; destroy2005
192Plant IndustryCU 10193Import Permits for Plants and plant productsApproved Permits for Plants and Plant products, permittee, permit number, permit expiration, ports, destinations, and signatures.5 years; destroy1997
192Plant IndustryCU 10194Boll Weevil CasesDocuments including incidents, litigation, correspondence, notices, and warrants of distrait.3 years; destroy1997
192Plant IndustryCU 10195Plant Pest ProgramPest control programs, name, location, pesticide tests, and pest control reports.3 years; destroy1997
192Plant IndustryCU 10197ReportsUsed to report tests on fertilizer and pesticide samples, soil and plant nutrients, Forest tree nursery, Agricultural chemical services.3 years; destroy1990
192Plant IndustryCU-VPAA-AS-RPS-PI-1Lease AgreementsRecords containing lease agreements with the federal government, real estate, budget approval, property, and payment authorization.3 years; destroy; transfer final report to archives1990
192Plant IndustryCU-VPAA-AS-AD-PS-1Cooperative State Research FilesFiles containing projects and grants by Agricultural Science and Cooperative State Research Services, which include work unit, description, classification, progress, and final report.3 years; destroy, send one copy to archives.1990
193RPSP LabsCU 10196CorrespondenceRecord of communications with State Treasurer's Office, fees, fertilizer, seed, certification program, registration, permit, payments, inspection, taxes, fines, violations.3 years; destroy1997
193RPSP LabsCU 10197Reports Used to report tests on fertilizer and pesticide samples, soil and plant nutrients, Forest tree nursery, Agricultural chemical services.3 years; destroy1990
193RPSP LabsCU 14200Reports, Applications, and Certifications - SeedReports, applications, certificates created by the Department of Seed Certification, application for seed certification, application for approval of Custom Condition, see sample list, tag order, transfer, ownership, field inspection, costs.3 years; destroy2005
193RPSP LabsCU 14201Organic CertificationDocument certification and compliance with National Organic Program Standards, USDA, including applications, inspection reports, receipts of fees, certificates and compliance documentation.10 years; destroy2005
193RPSP LabsCU-VPAA-AS-AD-FS-1Research Data BooksResearch done in the Department of Food Sciences, which include date, experiment, results.5 years; archive1990
193RPSP LabsCU-VPAA-ASRPS-F&PC-1Reports, Applications, and RegistrationsReports, applications, and registrations of fertilizer usage in South Carolina including distribution, shipper count, summary reports, liming materials, tonnage, permits, and inspector's daily report.Send all records to University Archives for screening1990
194Pesticide RegulationCU 14202Pesticide Laboratory RecordsPesticide control reports, formulation samples, groundwater sampling, inspection, soil termiticide samples, misuse investigations, special requests, and testing generated processing laboratory.8 years; destroy2014
194Pesticide RegulationCU 14203Inspection and Enforcement ReportsPesticide inspection, and enforcement to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, containing reports of structural, complaint, agricultural, non-agricultural inspection, pest control, dealer, Chemigation, tobacco fumigation, export and import, 24c, experimental use, producer, worker protection, and groundwater. Can also contain FOIA, EPA referrals, and enforcement referrals.8 years; destroy2014
194Pesticide RegulationCU 14204Pesticide Licensing & RecertificationDocuments licensing and recertification of commercial and non-commercial entities in South Carolina, such as application, license, certification, PCO business license, surety bond, reciprocal license, and financial responsibility.8 years; destroy2014
194Pesticide RegulationCU 14205Pesticide RegistrationRegistration of pesticides in South Carolina including applications, fees, experimental use reports, 24c records, section 18 records, and certificates of registration. 5 years; destroy2014
194Pesticide RegulationCU 14206Exam for Commercia/Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicators Records of exam answers for commerical and non-commercial applicator's license, exam scores, and background information on applicants.5 years; destroy2014
194Pesticide RegulationCU 16650Reports (Licensing and Examinations)Examinations for commercial and non-commercial certified pesticide applicator's license which are required to demonstrate knowledge and supervise classifications of pesticides.3 years; destroy2014
199Livestock and Poultry HealthCU 10011Consumer ComplaintsInvestigation of consumer complaints of poultry and livestock, which includes complainant's personal information, complaint, location, owner, description, inspection, investigator, and complete investigation.3 years; destroy1997
199Livestock and Poultry HealthCU 10012Plant DrawingsInspection of meat processing and packing, Facilities in South Carolina with information of facility, location, and establishment.Until no longer needed for plant inspection; destroy1997
199Livestock and Poultry HealthCU 10013Labeling and Quality ControlRecords of labeling practices and meat quality for livestock and poultry, which includes requirements, grade level, and quality check.2 years; destroy1997
199Livestock and Poultry HealthCU 10014Meat Inspector Applications and Permit File (Inspections, Applications, and Permits)Records of rejection and approval applications for meat inspector permits, which includes applicant's name, background data, organization, permits, and expiration.2 years after permit expiration; destroy; 1 year after rejection; destroy1997
199Livestock and Poultry HealthCU 10015Livestock and Poultry Plant Permit File (State of S.C. Permits)Records of rejection and approval applications for meat processing and packing plants, which includes applications, facility location, permit dates, species, and stipulation to comply with state laws.2 years after permit expiration; destroy; 1 year after rejection; destroy1997
199Livestock and Poultry HealthCU 10016Monthly Slaughter and Processing ReportsRecords of slaughter and processing activities at livestock, poultry, and plant facilities, which includes establishment, number, date, and type of animal.2 years; destroy1997
199Livestock and Poultry HealthCU 10017Animal Vaccination Permit FilesRecords of rejection or approval requests to sell animal vaccinations, which includes applications, vaccine, animals receiving vaccination, specifications, permission code, and permits.2 years after permit expiration; destroy; 1 year after rejection, destroy1997
199Livestock and Poultry HealthCU 13089Veterinary Diagnostic FilesRecords used to document veterinary tests and diagnostic summaries for treatment, which includes pathology, specimen, poultry, and Department of Natural Resources research forms, animal identification, client information, samples, and accession reports.3 years; destroy1997
303Dean of Agriculture, Forestry and Life SciencesCU-VPAA-AS-AD-AE-AWO-2Report on SubstationReports by the National Weather Service of location and types of recordings and equipment used. 10 years; destroy1990
303Dean of Agriculture, Forestry and Life SciencesCU-VPAA-AS-AD-AE-AWO-4Hygrothermograph ChartsNational Weather Service Hygrothermograph charts of daily humidity and temperature records in county weather stations in South Carolina.3 years; destroy1990
303Dean of Agriculture, Forestry and Life SciencesCU-VPAA-AS-AD-AE-AWO-5Record of Evaporation and Climatological ObservationsWeather data at stations in South Carolina, such as high and low temperature, supplemental readings, precipitation, wind anemometer, and evaporation.5 years; permanent archive1990
303Dean of Agriculture, Forestry and Life SciencesCU-VPAA-AS-AD-AE&RS-1MapsFarming maps of South Carolina.Transfer to archives after one year1990
310Plant and Environmental ServicesCU-VPAA-AS-AD-DS-1BlueprintsBlueprints of facilities used by Dairy Science, Rural Housing, and research buildings, which show electrical, drainage, and structural layouts.No longer needed for reference; archive1990
310Plant and Environmental ServicesCU-VPAA-AS-AD-DS-2Reports and RecordsReports and records of Dairy Science, which includes USDA statistical reports, surveys, claims, cow and herd records, pasture projects, reproduction efficiency summary, and breeding records.3 years; archive1990
310Plant and Environmental ServicesCU-VPAA-AS-RPS-PI-1Lease AgreementsRecords containing lease agreements with federal government, real estate, budget approval, property, and payment authorization.3 years; destroy1990
310Plant and Environmental ServicesCU-VPAA-AS-AD-PS-1Cooperative State Research FilesFiles containing in-house projects and mini-grants by Agricultural Science and Cooperative State Research, which includes project review, Research work unit form, classification of research, yearly progress, and final report.3 years; one copy of each project's final report to archives, destroy remainder1990
310Plant and Environmental ServicesCU-VPAA-AS-RPS-F&PC-1Fertilizer Reports, Applications, and Registrations Reports, applications, and registrations of fertilizer usage in South Carolina, which includes registration, distribution report, summary report of liming materials, tonnage report, and inspector's daily report.After no longer needed for reference transfer to archive1990
310Plant and Environmental ServicesCU-VPAA-AS-RPS-ACS-3Laboratory Testing ReportsTests and reports done on plant, nematode, soil, irrigation, fertility, plant tissue, irrigation water, fish, forage, and feed which includes analysis, individual and costs.3 years; transfer to archive1990
382Swine FarmCU 04934Swine Evaluation Center Test ReportsRecords of genetic evaluation of traits for swine reproduction, which includes test report, pen number, location, date, breeder, physical characteristics, feed conversion, and treatments.10 years; destroy1992
501Dean of Architecture, Arts, and HumanitiesCU 02491Secretary-Treasurer's ReportAnnual report on operations, activities, and finances of the Clemson Advancement Foundation (CAF,) which includes annual giving, endowments, pledges, and earmarked gifts.5 years; archive2007
501Dean of Architecture, Arts, and HumanitiesCU 02492Financial RecordsRecords of financial accounting, which includes vouchers, invoices, contributions, bank statements, reports, and Foundation's Detailed Account Status Report.7 years; destroy2007
501Dean of Architecture, Arts, and HumanitiesCU 02493External Audited Financial Statements Report created by independent auditor to show findings on financial statements of the Clemson Architectural Foundation (CAF,) which includes balance sheet, statement of support and revenue, expenses and changes in fund balances, CAF Federal Financial Assistance, and letter to Board of Trustees.5 years; archive2007
501Dean of Architecture, Arts, and HumanitiesCU-PVPA-CLA-AD-4Building Plans and Supporting NotesArchitectural specifications for structures, buildings, or projects to be constructed, renovated, or altered.Until property is disposed; destroy
501Dean of Architecture, Arts, and HumanitiesCU-PVPA-CLA-DO-2Student PetitionsRecords of students who petition for course substitutions, which includes name, social, class, year, and reasons.Retain until student graduates or terminates; destroy
523English DepartmentCU-PVPA-CLA-ED-CP-2Ground Plans and Renderings for ProductionsDocuments stage settings for productions by Clemson Players.5 years; archive
523English DepartmentCU-PVPA-CLA-ED-CP-3Clippings FileDocuments activities and public response to productions by Clemson Players, including reviews, evaluations, and programs.5 years; archive
523English DepartmentCU-PVPA-CLA-ED-CP-4ScrapbooksDocuments activities of Clemson Players, including reviews, programs, and photographs of productions.5 years; archive
523English DepartmentCU-PVPA-CLA-ED-SCR-4Copyright Registrations and PermitsDocuments copyright registrations and permits for materials in the South Carolina Review.5 years; archive
523English DepartmentCU-PCPA-CLA-ED-SCR-5Galley ProofsManuscripts to be published in the South Carolina Review.1 year; archive
523English DepartmentCU-PVPA-CLA-ED-SCR-6ManuscriptsRough drafts of manuscripts to be published in the South Carolina Review.1 year; archive
523English DepartmentCU-PVPA-CLA-ED-SCR-7Contributor SheetsDocuments acceptance or rejection of materials submitted for publication in the South Carolina Review.3 years; archive
534Student BandsCU-PVPA-CLA-MD-B-1Alumni Student Band FilesDocuments former students, which includes names, instrument, and years.1 year; archive
702School of EducationCU 6875Requirements for CertificationDocuments teacher certification course requirements.2 years after review by SC Dept. of Ed.; destroy1993
702School of EducationCU 6876Trade and Industrial Education FilesDocuments certification process of trade and industrial courses, which includes name, id number, credits, dates, instructors, and certification completion letter.10 years; destroy1993
702School of EducationCU 6877Practice Teaching FilesDocuments practice teaching of students at Clemson, which includes name, semester, location, certification, evaluations, observation, lesson evaluations, ranger planning reports, applications, and record of field experience.5 years; destroy1999
702School of EducationCU 6878Student Placement FilesDocuments reference files for students seeking jobs, which includes name, identification, courses, grades, test, evaluations, credentials, resume, Education Entrance Examination, National Teacher's Examination, and reference requests.10 years; destroy
702School of EducationCU 6879Off-Campus Course RecordsDocuments education courses at off-campus locations, such as name, identification, location, instructor, grades, and requests from school districts.10 years; destroy1993
730Office of Pre-Collegiate ProgramsCU 16992Program Participant FilesDocuments attendance and participation of non-university students in programs, camps, and clinics, which includes personal data, contact information, personal medical data, medication, special needs, insurance, and assumption of risk.11 years; destroy
738Osher Lifelong Learning InstituteCU 16845Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) Program FilesDocuments membership in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, which includes course registration, liability waivers, medical, tuition, background, and assumption of risk.3 years; destroy2015
743School of NursingCU 07600Off-Campus Nursing Course FileDocuments training in nursing education at off-campus locations, which includes courses, conferences, accommodations, qualifications, attendance, participants, expenses, description of training topics and continuing education credits.5 years; destroy1993
743School of NursingCU 07601Wellness Challenge RecordsDocuments the participant records for the Wellness program. 2 years; destroy1993
743School of NursingCU 07602Slimdown Challenge RecordsDocuments the participant records for the Slimdown Program.2 years; destroy1993
743School of NursingCU 07603Externship Services AgreementDocuments agreements between the University and Hospital group that provides clinical experience for nursing students, which includes agreement dates, signatures between Clemson and hospital officials and contractual provisions.3 years; destroy1993
743School of NursingCU 07604National Nursing Council License Examination FilesDocuments student test results and scores on the National Nursing Council License Examination.Permanent1993
743School of NursingCU 07605Provider Services AgreementsDocuments health care services provided by School of Nursing and, public or private agencies, which includes signatures between officials, purpose of agreement, effective dates, and services to be provided.3 years; destroy1993
743School of NursingCU 07606Health Care Training AgreementsDocuments agreements for medical staff to provide experiences for Clemson University nursing students, which includes signatures between officials, dates of agreement, and any contractual provisions.3 years; destroy1993
743School of NursingCU 07607Appointment SheetsMedical appointments for patients.1 year; destroy1993
743School of NursingCU 07608X-Rays for Asbestos PhysicalsX-rays of employees who come in contact with asbestos, which includes name, date, interpretation and results.30 years; destroy1993
743School of NursingCU 07609Family Planning FoldersDocuments information on patients who medical services, which includes exam, medication profile, obstetrical and genealogical history, laboratory results, and family planning sheets.10 years; destroy1993
743School of NursingCU 07610Patient FoldersDocuments patients who receive medical services, which includes medical history, exam, health screening data, test results, referral, family data, and other medical problems.10 years; destroy1993
901College of Engineering and ScienceCU 07765Fundamentals of Engineering Examination FileDocuments Engineering students examination results required by state professional licensing board and land surveyors, which includes name, background data, statistics, and results.5 years; destroy1993
901College of Engineering and ScienceCU 07934Documentation of Training Rooms (Chemical Waiver)Documents training requirements of the institution of hazardous chemicals, which includes trainee, date, and signatures.30 years; destroy
901College of Engineering and ScienceCU 07935College of Sciences' Outside ContractsDocuments agreements authorizing the use of department's facilitiy, electron microscope, and other equipment by individuals not affiliated with Clemson University.3 years; destroy
903Administration Research and SupportCU 06880Internal Audited Financial StatementsDocument analysis of internal fiscal control and operational efficiency for the College of Engineering and Science Foundation, which includes financial statements, office operations, revenue, expenses, and other recommendations.Until no longer needed; destroy1993
903Administration Research and SupportCU 06881Engineering Foundation Financial RecordsDocument fiscal accountability for the College of Engineering and Science Foundation, which includes purchase orders and other expenditures for funded grants.Maintain in office for 4 years, then transfer to Records Center for 3 years after which transfer to University Archives.1993
903Administration Research and SupportCU 06882Small Grants and ContractsDocument grants and contracts not exceeding $15,000,which includes proposals, account identification number, receipt, investigator, correspondence, and sponsor.3 years; destroy1993
911Civil EngineeringCU 11247Transportation Technology Transfer Service Workshops and ProgramsDocuments workshops sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration, which includes program evaluations, outlines, costs, and information on speakers.5 years; destroy1999
913Office of Continuing EducationCU 07518Program Files for Workshops and SeminarsDocuments workshops sponsored by the College of Engineering and Science, which includes event schedule, invoices, background information, and program evaluations.3 years; destroy1993
1301College of BusinessCU 11486Gifts, Matching Funds, and ScholarshipsDocuments the funding of the College of Business, and the administration of funds as endowed professorships and scholarships, which includes vouchers, budget status reports,personnel forms, correspondance and memoranda relating to scholarships, assistantships, and professorships derived from gifts.5 years; archives2000
1392Small Business Development CenterCU 11487Seminar FilesDocuments seminars by the Small Business Development Center, which includes profit and loss statement, management training reports, job requests, mailing lists, special pay, instructor aggrement, hotel info, registration, and receipts.3 years; destroy2000
1392Small Business Development CenterCU 11488Client FilesDocuments clients who request assistance establishing business or problems with existing business, which includes correspondence, United States Small Business Administration Management Assistance Counseling record, client referrals, and requests for service.3 years; destory2000
2805CCIT ESACU 04644Online Property InventoryEquipment, serial number, quantity, department, inventory database, printouts, disks, tapes12 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 04665Deleted Equipment ReportDeleted equipment, serial number, queantity, department inventory database, printouts, disks, tapes12 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 04666Outstanding Checklist (monthly)Oustanding checks, student's name, check number, net amount, student life database, printouts, disks, tapes6 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 04667Bid PackageDocuments bids sumbitted for products or services, request for quotation, purchase order voucher, sealed bid, purchasing database, printouts, disks, tapes8 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 04668Pick-up Labor FormsDocument work, pay of students and employees, department, work date, rate of pay, personnel database, printouts, disks, tapes5 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 04669Personnel Files (active and inactive)Employees, applications, letters of reccommendation, awards, resumes, appraisals, leave records, insurance5 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 04670Employee Personal Activity ReportsDocument funds, research project, department, job number, grants and contract database6 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 04671Post-Awards Grants and Contracts Project FilesPost-awards functions for sponsored projects, faculty, graduate asisstants, contract number, grants and contracts database6 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 04672Vehicle Registration FormsMotor vehicles, license number, type, state, make, year, color, decal, date, name, traffic and database information system5 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 04673Matching GiftsAthletic activities, correspondence, memoranda, applications by company employees, receipt transmittal reports, checks and receipts, IPTAY database and information system7 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 04674Scholarship and Other Institutional Financial Aid Program FileMemoranda, correspondance, program specifics, notifications to donors, student financial aid and receivables database12 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 04675Student Financial Aid RecordsAccepted and rejected requests, grant or loan applications, transcripts, award letters, miscellaneoius eligibility, pell grant, SEOG, CWS, SLS, revenue report, budget status report, trial balance, student financial aid and receivables database12 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESAAcademic transcripts, name, identification number, major, class, courses taken, grades, degree awarded, microfilm, 15 years; destroy1993
2805CCIT ESACU 8710Sale and Service ContractsMicrocomputer center, computer hardware and software to students and employees, sale contracts, service agreements, purchase orders, invoices5 years; destroy1995
2805CCIT ESACU 9237Service ContractsContracts between university departments or outside organizations, information systems development unit, technology, contract, date, background info, budget, costs3 years; destroy
2805CCIT ESAProvost and Vice President of Division of Computing and Information TechnologyDocument acquisition, application and phasing out of computer software company, purchase date, period of usage, data usage2 years; destroy
2805CCIT ESACU 10024Department of Administrative Programming Services Production Load RequestsReject or approve computer programming production load requests, date, copy load, source library, composite links4 years; destroy
3001University LibrariesCU-PVAA-LIB-1Card Catalog FilesLibrary of congress book ID cards, holdings, author, title, subject, publisher, publication dae, annotationsdestroy 1989
3001University LibrariesCU 06945Photoduplication Request FormsSpecial collections photocopy requests, which includes copyright restrictions, author, book title, manuscript box, items to be copied, and signature.destroy 1999
3001University LibrariesCU 06946Rules for Researchers FormsDocuments patron's compliance with departmental rules for researchers, which includes signature, identification, date, affiliated institution, address, status, research, and topic.destory 1999
3001University LibrariesCU 06947RequestsDocuments patrons' requests for info housed in special collections, which includes call number, title, location, researcher name, and date.destory 1999
3001University LibrariesCU 06948Interlibrary Loan Copyright AgreementDocuments copyright agreements with Interlibrary loan services, which includes patron's name, identification, request, costs, book lending, agreement on copyright protection, holdings, and photocopying practices.3 years; destroy1993
3001University LibrariesCU 06949Interlibrary Loan Request FilesDocuments Interlibrary Loan transactions, which includes name, request, costs, and lending information.3 years; destroy1993
3001University LibrariesCU 06950Monthly Logs for Interlibrary LoansDocuments Interlibrary Loan statistics, which includes request, identification, books loaned, and monthly tally.3 years; destroy1993
3001University LibrariesCU 06951Interlibrary Loan Request RecordsDocuments processed and unprocessed Interlibrary loan requests, which includes name, identification, and requested information.Processed requests: 3 years; destroy, Unprocessed requests: 1 year; destroy1993
3001University LibrariesCU 06952Circulation Disclosure FormDocuments permission to disclose information about book requests on students and faculty, which includes circulation information, conidentiality statement, and signatures for disclosure.destroy 1993
3001University LibrariesCU 06953Record Series Inventory Forms and NotesDocuments inventories of records created by Clemson University, which includes identification of program unit, contact persons, record series, and retention and disposition periods.3 years; destory1993
3001University LibrariesCU 06954Departmental Record Transfers Documents the transfer and disposition of records from departments, which includes the Records Transfer Form, the Report of Disposition of records, and interdeparmental order form.3 years; destroy1993
3001University LibrariesCU 07620Record Retention SchedulesDocument the time University records should be retained prior to disposition, which includes the record series, number, description, retention, and approval forms.Until superseded; destory 1993
3001University LibrariesCU 07621Microfilm Project FilesDocuments the microfilming of records, which includes the series title, customer's name, address, microfilming cost estimates, interdepartmental records, Declaration of intent and purpose, certificate of authenticity, microfilm receipt forms, and correspondance.1 year; destroy1993
3001University LibrariesCU 7080Book Shelf Identification Cards (Discontinued Series)Cataloguing unit to document self locations for library materials, 1927-1991, holdings, author, publisher, date, annotations, numberdestroy Delete
4001Student AffairsCU 16403Care FilesRecords created by CARE staff for referrals for student seeking help, which includes name, identification number, contact info, referral, arrests, judicial incidents, wellness and behavioral issues.5 years; destroy2013
4007Michelin Career CenterCU 08707Career Workshop File for Minority StudentsRecords used to recruit high school students who attend career workshops, which includes application form, parental consent, student discipline policy, evaluation, insurance/medical history, report card, and correspondance.Students who did not enroll 3 years; destroy, Students who enrolled 3 years from graduation; destroy1995
4007Michelin Career CenterCU 13826Career Counseling FilesDocument programs to help students achieve career goals, which includes name, date, major, hobbies, extracurricular activities, career inventory forms, aptitude tests, and counselors' analyses.2 years; destroy2003
4010Fire and Emergency Medical ServicesGS 12-606.8Fire Inspection ReportsDocuments safety inspections made by the fire department, which includes date, location of inspection, building function, occoupancy, capacity, last inspection, personnel conducting inspection, tenants name and phone, structure, comments, violations, and mandated corrections.3 years; destroy
4010Fire and Emergency Medical ServicesCU 07925Daily Activity ReportDocuments daily work activites of employees and fire fighters, shift commander, date, personnel scheduled, physical fitness performed, and actual work completed.3 years; destroy1994
4010Fire and Emergency Medical ServicesCU 07926Emergency Medical Services Run ReportDocuments ambulance transportation and emergency medical services to persons requiring assistance, which includes patient info, injury or illness, call, patient status, incident location, preliminary impressions, treatment, vital signs, comments, time record, identification data, authorized signatures, and receiving nurse or physician.13 years; destroy2002
4010Fire and Emergency Medical ServicesCU 07927Sprinkler Inspection LogsDocuments University sprinkler system inspections, which includes time and date, person administering, problems, and signature of inspector.3 years; destroy1994
4010Fire and Emergency Medical ServicesCU 07928Annual and Quarterly Reports to State Fire MarshalDocuments reports made to the State Fire Marshal on department's management and operations, which includes names of trustees for fireman's insurance, inspection of funds, number of officers, number of employees, status of employees and equipment.5 years; destroy1994
4010Fire and Emergency Medical ServicesCU 07929South Carolina Fire Incident Reporting SystemDocuments fire incidents to the State Fire Marshal, which includes incident number, date, alarm time, arrival, situation, action, address, owner and occupants, number of fire personnel required to respond, type of equipment and vehicles, injuries and fatilities, cause of fire, performance of fire suppression system and signature of person preparing report.10 years; destroy1994
4010Fire and Emergency Medical ServicesCU 07930Fire Suppression Systems ContractDocuments contract for inspection of University fire suppression systems by departmental officials and private firms, which includes signatures, expiration date, and correspondence.3 years; destroy1994
4010Fire and Emergency Medical ServicesCU 07931Fire Services AgreementDocuments agreements for the University to provide fire protection services to the City of Clemson, which includes terms of agreement, expiration date, signatures, and correspondance.3 years; destroy1994
4011Office of Student ConductCU 13091Sanctions of Disciplinary Probation or Less Case FilesUsed to administer cases and issue decisions of disciplinary probation or less, which includes background data, case number, incident reports, charges filed, administrative contracts, description of violation, decisions to dismiss charges when justified, and correspondance.Findings of not guilty or dismissed, 1 year; destroy, all other records, 7 years; destroy2013
4011Office of Student ConductCU 13092Sanctions of Suspension or DismissalUsed to administer cases and issue decisions of sanctions of suspension or dismissal, which includes background data, case number, incident reports, charges filed, administrative contracts, witnesses, evidence, hearing testimony, decisions to dismiss charges, student suspensions or dismissals, letters of appeal, and correspondance.Hearing recordings: 6 months after hearing or all appeals have been satisfied. Case findings of not guilty or dismissed, 1 year; destroy, all other records, 10 years; destroy2013
4011Office of Student ConductCU 09377Records on Students with DisabilitiesDocuments records concerning disable students who committed offenses or violations of university policies and regulations, which includes participation in University activities, name, type of disability, services received, and complaint or violation regarding the student.6 years; destroy1996
4012Law Enforcement and SafetyCU 07923Incident ReportsDocument incidents and information involving an offense, which includes report of felony or incident, facts surrounding offense, incident type and code, case number, premise type, location, date, time, reporting area, complainant, victim info, subject, arrest, vehicle, witness data, and narrative.10 years; destroy
4012Law Enforcement and SafetyCU 07924Uniform Traffic Accident ReportDocuments motor vehicle accidents at Clemson University, which includes date, county code, type of road, address, town, driver, date of birth, sex, race, city, license number and restrictions, speed, year, make of vehicle, and location when officer signs accident report.3 years; destroy
4012Law Enforcement and SafetyCU 17640Monthly ReportsReports created by the Police department to record activities performed by the department, which includes spreadsheets of statistics, operations and investigations divisions, incident reports, citations, warrants, tickets, miles, cases aggisned, escort, and special events staffed.3 years; destroy2018
4012Law Enforcement and SafetyCU 17719Uniform Traffic TicketsDocuments violations that do not require a warrant and used to inform the court and DMV, which includes driver's name, address, state of license and license number, vehicle license number, state, make, year, officer, date and location of violation, trial, arrest, and case disposition.5 years; destroy2018
4012Law Enforcement and SafetyCU 17723Juvenile FilesRecords created by officers writing report or issuing a citation or juvenile petition, which includes name, date of birth, race, sex, vital statistics, date of crime, pictures, warrant, arrest report, and certified driving record for DUI.3 years after subject reaches majority; destroy2018
4014Parking ServicesCU 07088Parking Ticket Enforcement Records - Turnovers Documents unpaid tickets turned over to authorities for collection, which includes motor vehicle owner, identification of motor vehicle, date, location, decal, license, and amount of fine.8 years; destroy1995
4014Parking ServicesCU 07089Parking Tickets - Handwritten and Automated - Paid and UnpaidDocuments parking violations at Clemson University, which includes collection activity, claims, date and time of violation, tag number, ticket number, violation code, officer, amount of fine.8 years; destroy1995
4014Parking ServicesCU 07090Replacement Decal RecordsDocuments issuance of replacement decals to motorists, which includes decal number, type, and expiration date.3 years; destroy1995
4014Parking ServicesCU 07091Parking Ticket Errors, Changes and Update ReportsDocuments errors, changes, and adjusments in parking ticket information, which includes updating data, background info concerning owner, vehicle and amount of ticket.8 years; destroy1995
4014Parking ServicesCU 07092Motor Vehicle Registration FormsDocuments motor vehicle identification and registration, motor vehicle description, license tag number, and registration information. Vehicles registered by payment: 3 years; destroy, Vehicles registered on temporary basis: 1 year; destroy1995
4014Parking ServicesCU 08160Unidentified Vehicles License Verification FileDocuments verification of licenses for unidentified motor vehicles, which includes license plate number, name, address of owner, date and time requested from Department of Public Safety. 3 years; destroy1995
4015Campus RecreationCU 08161Locker InformationDocuments locker usage for campus facilities, which includes member names, address, number, background info, signature, and date of renewal or assignment.1 year; destroy1995
4015Campus RecreationCU 08162Membership BooksDocuments membership receipts for students and employees in campus recreational activities, which includes name, amount charged, receipt, date, and membership information.3 years; destroy1995
4015Campus RecreationCU 08163Intramural Sports FilesDocuments participation in intramural sports activities, which includes name of sport or activity, rosters, rules and regulations, schedules, and location.2 years; destroy1995
4015Campus RecreationCU 08164Guest InformationDocuments guests who participate in campus recreation activities, which includes name of guests, costs, date, signature, and waiver release form.3 years; destroy1995
4015Campus RecreationCU 08165Sports Club FilesDocuments sports club activities at Clemson concerning competition with organizations not affiliated with the University, which includes club, application, signed release, waiver of liability, background info, roster, schedule, and club requirements.3 years; destroy1995
4015Campus RecreationCU 13137Facilities ChecklistsUsed as a risk management tool to document inspection, need of repair, and maintenance of recreational facilities, which includes date, list of facilities and equipment, inspector's initials and signature.6 months; destroy2001
4015Campus RecreationCU 14958Outdoor Recreation FilesDocuments participation in outdoor adventure activites, trips and programs, which includes registration, acknowledgement and assumption of risks, waiver and release of liability, medical information, and receipts.3 years; destroy2008
4015Campus RecreationCU 16337Program FilesDocuments program participants of university and non-university students, which includes participant's personal data, personal medical data, health, immunization, special needs, dietary restrictions, allergies, disabilities, proof of insurance, and assumption of risk statement.7 years; destroy2013
4016Municipal CourtCU 08137Parking Ticket Appeal RecordsDocuments information relating to individuals requesting an appeal or dismissal of fines for parking violations, which includes correspondence, log, date, time, location of incident, and vehicle identification.3 years; destroy1994
4016Municipal CourtCU 08138Municipal Court Proceedings (Cassette Tapes)Records of cases in Municipal Court, which includes case number, time, date of crime/incident, and recordings of sessions.60 days; destroy1994
4016Municipal CourtCU 08139University Municipal Court DocketsDocument cases for trial and disposed of in Municipal Court, which includes defendant and plantiff's name, case number, charge, name of officer, receipt, money, and disposition of case.Permanent 1994
4016Municipal CourtCU 08140Case Files and Arrest Warrant Court Documents Documents case files for traffic or criminal cases processed in Municipal Court, which includes incident reports, arrest warrants, affidavits, bonds, court findings, for traffic violations, DUI, and criminal offenses.Non-DUI traffic offenses: 5 years; destroy, DUI traffic offenses: 10 years; destroy, Non-traffic offenses-arrest warrants: 10 years; archive 1994
4022Counseling CenterCU 08709Student Counseling and Psychological Service FilesDocuments treatment for student receiving counseling and psychological services, which includes Informed Consent Form, Counseling and Psychological services form, and treatment summary.11 years; destroy1995
4054Student Health ServicesCU 09560Student medical Case Files Documents medical treatment and examinations for students who attend Clemson University, which includes student name, date, clinic record, physical complaint, physician's statement, diagnosis, lab sheets and test results, and insurance data.10 years; destroy
4054Student Health ServicesCU 09561Special group and campers medical Case Files Documents medical treatment and examinations for those participating in special events or camps at Clemson University, which includes participant name, date, clinic record, physical complaint, physician's statement, diagnosis, lab sheets and test results, and insurance data.10 years; destroy
4054Student Health ServicesCU 09562X-Rays and ReportsDocuments x-rays performed for patients for the Student Health Center, which includes name, date, physician, x-ray, and interpretation of results.10 years; destroy
4054Student Health ServicesCU 09563Work Place Exposure FilesDocuments the exposure of employees to hazardous materials in the work place, which includes name, description of exposure or injury, date, time, location, identification of substance, and injury report.30 years after termination of employment; destroy
4054Student Health ServicesCU 09564Film Badge ReportsDocuments a monthly report of radiation exposure by x-ray technicians, which includes film badge number, type, name, social security number, measurement for monitoring period, customer and process number, date of report, and date film received.30 years after termination of employment; destroyREMOVE PER SHS
4054Student Health ServicesCU 09566Log BooksDocuments laboratory test results, which includes laboratory analysis data for microbiology, pregnancy, body temperature, hematology, urine, and summary of log entries.3 years; destroy
4054Student Health ServicesCU 09567Medical History Forms (Non-Attendees)Medical forms from individuals who applied to Clemson admission but did not attend, name, social security, address, phone number, personal and family data3 years; destroyREMOVE PER SHS
4054Student Health ServicesCU 09568Monthly Statistical ReportsDocuments analysis of statistics and data of services and operations at the Student Health Center, which includes types of services, diagnostic data, procedure types, and statistical/financial summaries.3 years; destroy
4054Student Health ServicesCU 09569Prescription Forms and Narcotic RecordsDocuments medicines and controlled substances prescribed by physicians and nurse practitioners dispensed by the clinic pharmacy, which includes name, description of medicine and dosage, instructions, and signature of physician.11 years; destroy
4054Student Health ServicesCU 09570Log Book of X-RaysRecord info of x-ray procedures, patient name, worker's compensation provisions 2 years; destroyREMOVE PER SHS
4054Student Health ServicesCU 10021Medical Insurance WaiversWaivers for international students with unavailable insurance, name, social security, coverage, insurance company, repatriation data, signature1 year; destroyREMOVE PER SHS
4054Student Health ServicesCU 10022Workers' Compensation Injury ReportOccupational injuries/illnesses, date, time, name, status of injury, indication of when injury happened, employer, supervisor, estimated disability5 years; destroy
4054Student Health ServicesCU 17409Psychology Internship Training Program RecordsDocuments intern activities, which includes intern files, vitas and resumes, evaluations, record of time worked, and training manuals.5 years; destroy2017
4054Student Health ServicesCU-VPSA-SHS-3Patient Contact Forms (registration forms)Initial contact with patient and clinic, statistics, name, number, address, phone, date, time, sex, class, visit reason, temperature, blood pressure, pulse1 semester; destroyREMOVE PER SHS
4054Student Health ServicesCU-VPSA-SHS-XR-4Laboratory Records (carbon copies)Tests performed by lab for students, medical case file, slips for bacterial susceptibility, urinalysis, blood, and miscellaneous tests3 years; destroyREMOVE PER SHS
4060Student Accessibility ServicesCU 13214Disability Service Case FilesDocuments the types of accommodations needed by disabled students, which includes social security, consent forms, contact, correspondence, physician statements, and files to document services provided by the University.5 years; destroy2001
4075Univeristy HousingCU 03859Work Order FormsDocuments maintenance work completed in student residences, which includes maintenance request number, date, and work performed.4 years; destroy1992
4075University HousingCU 03860Housing Maintenance Request FormsDocuments student maintenance service requests for University residences, which includes date, building name, room number, and description of work requested.1 year; destroy1996
4075University HousingCU 03861Lock Change FormsDocuments changing of door locks in residences, which includes date, name of building, and room number.1 year; destroy1996
4075University HousingCU 03862Project Proposals Documents projects initiated by students for University housing, which includes building, location of project, start and completion dates, and description of project.1 year; destroy1992
4075University HousingCU 03863Loft ReportsDocuments the construction and inspection of bed lofts in dorms, which includes applications, inspections reports, and the university's approval and inspection of bed loft construction.1 year; destroy1992
4075University HousingCU 03864Incident ReportsDocuments incidents occuring in residential areas, which includes type of incident, damage, and individuals involved.1 year; destroy1992
4075University HousingCU 16033Freshmen Move In Volunteer Release FormDocuments volunteers assisting students moving into University residential halls, which includes name, email, signature, date, area assigned, and waiver and liability statement.3 years; destroy2012
4075University HousingCU 16034Orientation-Minors/Non-Minors Release of Liability FormDocuments the release of liability of waiver of participants in summer program at the University, which includes name, signature, parent/legal guardian and signature, date, release of liability of statement, and conditions of agreement.3 years; destroy2012
4075University HousingCU-VPSA-H-3University Housing ContractsDocuments agreements between the University and individuals utilizing University housing, which includes terms and conditions, policies, name, date, signature, and social security.3 years; destroy1986
4075University HousingCU-VPSA-H-4Housing RecordsDocuments information used in placing individuals in University housing, which includes application, waiting list cards, property certificate, room change card, cancellation letters, preference cards, reservation cards, married student applications, tenant and and graduate housing.3 years; destroy1986
4075University HousingCU-VPSA-H-5Summer Groups Using Clemson University FacilitiesDocuments non-university groups using University housing during summer months, which includes memoranda, correspondence, participants, group name, invoices, and room condition reports.5 years; archive1986
5002Office of the PresidentCU-BT-PO-4Legal FilesDocuments legal activities of Clemson University, which includes agreements with Bioengineering, Anderson Memorial Hospital, Greenville Technical College, and the Abney Foundation, responses to inquiries of the NCAA, contracts, correspondence, medical reports, termination of agreements and licenses, copyrights, patents, affidavits, court orders, findings of fact and conclusion of law, charge of employment discrimination and incident reports, surveys and questionaires, civil action suits such as personal grievances, settlements of estates, collective bargaining, right to sue notice, notice of charges of discrimination, summons for relief, release and assignment, and indenture of lease from Clemson.After no longer needed for reference transfer to archive1986
5105Office of the Undergraduate StudiesCU 08705Early Science Program FilesDocuments student participation in the Early Success Program, and responds to inquiries from potential employers, which includes rejection/admission/enrollment of students, Admission and Continuing Enrollment Agreement, Admission application, waiver of confidentiality, and correspondance.Students who were rejected or withdrew: 1 year; destroy, Students who were accepted and graduated: 3 years; destroy.2016
5105Office of the Undergraduate StudiesCU 08706Summer School Enrollment ReportsReports used for statistical research regarding admission/enrollment of students in summer school, which includes date and total enrollment of students by college.Until no needed; destroy1995
5105Office of the Undergraduate StudiesCU 13088Student Grievance FilesRecords created by the University's Academic Grievance Committee to document allegations by undergraduate students of discrimination, grievances, grade protests, written statements, checklist forms, date, name, deans' signatures, meeting minutes, committee findings, and signed acceptances of resolution.2 years; destroy2001
5105Office of the Undergraduate StudiesCU 17351Course Approval FormsRecords created by the Undergraduate and Graduate Cirriculum Committees to approve or deny the creation of undergraduate/graduate level courses, which includes course title, description, rationale, prerequisites, enrollment, requirements, signatures of chair, dean, provost, and president.5 years; destroy2017
5106Honors ProgramCU 08703Honors Program FilesDocuments participation of students in the Honors Program and inquiries from potential employers of participants, which includes rejection or admission and enrollment who applied, new/continuing honor student form, and information concerning graduation/withdrawal.Students who were rejected or withdrew: 1 year; destroy, Students who were accepted and graduated: 3 years; destroy.1995
5109Cooperative Education ProgramCU 08704Cooperative Education FilesDocuments student participation in the Cooperative Education Program and inquiries from potential employers, which includes rejection or admission of students who applied to the Cooperative Education Program, application form, work period data sheet, employer/student evaluation, correspondence, and withdrawal or completion.Students who were rejected or withdrew: 1 year; destroy, Students who were accepted and completed program: 15 years; destroy.1995
5116Off Campus Distance and Continuing EducationCU-PVPA-C&I-PD-1Professional Development CoursesDocuments programs and seminars offered for business by the University, which includes registration/confirmation invoice, participant information, program information, fee, amount/payment received, date mailed, fee collection report, class summarization, change form, seminar check lists, and class roster.5 years; destroy1987
5116Off Campus Distance and Continuing EducationCU 11502Professional Development Course EvaluationsDocuments course evaluation by participants in professional development courses, which includes evaluation sheets, title of seminar, date, name, address, organization, comments, evaluation summary forms, program development number, title, speaker, rating, and location.Evaluation summary forms: 10 years; destroy, all other records: 4 years; destroy2000
5116Off Campus Distance and Continuing EducationCU 11503In-House ProgramsDocuments programs presented by Off-campus Distance and Continuing Education, which includes evaluations, participants, invoices, accounting sheets, travel vouchers, purchase vouchers, biographical sketches of speakers, and workbooks.5 years; destroy2000
5116Off Campus Distance and Continuing EducationCU 11504Workbooks for Professional Development CoursesRecords of workbooks for professional development courses, which includes agendas for seminars and courses, handouts, brochures, and speaker biographies.Permanent 2000
5123Financial AidCU 10018 Student Financial Aid RecordsDocuments accounts for record, grants, loans for Student Financial Aid, which includes US Department of Education application, institutional aid application, tax return for student/parent, aid report, loan applicaton, promissory note, and federal work study packet.Rejected financial aid records: 1 year; destroy, Approved financial aide records: 3 years; destroy1997
5123Financial AidCU 15116Residency FilesDocuments used to determine eligibility for in-state tuition and application for in state residency, which includes application for residency in SC, driver's license, vehicle registration, voter registration, deed to home, income tax return, financial documents, and supplement parental/spouse forms.5 years; destroy2009
5123Financial AidCU-VPSA-DAR-10Financial Aid Reports (federal, state, and institutional)Records used to report student financial aid, which includes state and federal government entities, Federal Administration operations reports, Office of civil rights' annual report of financial aid recipients, and Institutional Annual Reports.5 years; destroy1990
5123Financial AidCU-VPSA-DAR-11Scholarship and Other Institutional Financial Aid Program FileDocuments information on scholarships and financial aide activities at Clemson University, which includes memoranda, correspondence, program specifics, notifications to donors.After no longer needed for reference transfer to archive1990
5123Financial AidCU-VPSA-DAR-13Financial Aid agreements and contractsRecords pertaining to financial aid agreements and contracts, which includes loans and grants from organizations, businesses, and state/federal government entitites, agreements concerning Direct Student Loans, Amendments of Solicitation/Modification of Contract, collection agency agreements, and school eligibility.After no longer active retain 5 years; destroy1990
5123Financial AidCU-VPSA-DAR-14Non-University Related Financial Aid ProgramsRecords used to identify student recipients, financial aid amounts, and manner of distribution relating to non-university financial aid programs.1 year; destroy1990
5123Financial AidCU-VPBF-FM-38National Direct Student Loan (NDSL) and Direct Student LoanRecords use to maintain accounts of students with National Direct and Direct Student Loans, which includes NDSL Statement of Rights, responsibilities, authorizations, personal student data, and promissory notes.10 years; destroy1986
5123Financial AidCU-VPBF-FM-39Financial Aid StatusRecords that document student loan accounts experiencing problems and the current status of other loans, which includes award name, amount, ID number, date of disbursement, semester, amount received, disbursed, net and balance.5 years; destroy1986
5123Financial AidCU-VPBF-FM-40Daily Transactions Journal of the Financial Aid SystemRecords that record transactions in the financial aid system from the University or outside sources, which includes Daily Transaction Report, student number, academic year, name transaction date, type, code, description, semester, amounts, receipts, disbursement, and origin.5 years; destroy1986
5123Financial AidCU-VPBF-FM-41Student Loan Journals Records used to document collections received from borrowers and status of loan accounts, which includes billing services on student loan accounts, borrower's name, ID number, date, and amount of repayment.10 years after cancelled or repaid; destroy1986
5123Financial AidCU-VPBF-FM-42Financial Aid Bursar's Receipts Records used to record copies of bursar receipts for monies received by cashiers, which includes financial aid accounts, date, purpose, account ID, transaction type, teller initials and number. 5 years; destroy1986
5125Records and RegistrationCU 07952Enrollment FilesRecords used to verify assigned course grades, student rosters, student names, major, course credit, enrollment status, grade verification10 years; destroy
5125Records and RegistrationCU 07953Class Roles, Course Rosters, Grade BooksDocuments student registration and maltriculation, which includes course add/drop cards, class rolls, rosters, and grade books.5 years; destroy1994
5125Records and RegistrationCU 07954Student Grade SheetsDocuments final grades assigned to students,which includes name, student number, course, semester, instructor name/signature, and any missing grade reports.Permanent 1994
5125Records and RegistrationCU 02490Registration RecordsDocuments the registration of student, which includes registration forms, drop/add cards, discharge forms, tuition changes, name and class change forms, student directory, check-up forms, late forms, teacher's registration, postcards to student with problems, and lists of people who withdrew from university.5 years; destroy1991
5125Records and RegistrationCU 08094Transcript Request ReportsRecords of student requests for academic transcripts, which includes weekly transcript request reports, name, ID number, recipient, and number of transcripts requested.1 year; destroy 1994
5125Records and RegistrationCU 03119Transcript RequestsDocuments requests for transcripts which includes student name, ID number, and record of payment.3 years; destroy
5125Records and RegistrationCU 10198Undergraduate Student Folders Documents student's acceptance and enrollment, or non-acceptance, which includes applicatons for admission, status of applications, requests for reinstatement, letters of acceptance or rejection, admissions and advisement reports, SAT scores, evaluation of transfer credit, external transcript, course work, grade correction forms, and degree progress reports.Student not accepted: 1 year; destroy. Students who graduate: 75 years; destroy.
5125Records and RegistrationCU 13232Former StudentsDocuments academic careers of students who did not graduate, which includes applications for admissions, status, request for reinstatement, date, letters of acceptance, admission and advisement reports, SAT scores, evaluation of transfer credit, external transcripts, course work, grade correction forms, and degree progress reports.Records related to grades: 75 years; destroy. Other records: 6 years after last date of attendance; destroy.
5125Records and RegistrationCU 13233Subpoenaed Student Records FilesRecords documenting response to subpoenas for student related records, which includes subpoenas, processing checklists, invoices, receipts for certified mail, notes, and correspondence.3 years; destroy
5125Records and RegistrationCU 15509Student Athlete Eligibility Forms and ReportsDocuments athletic eligibility status of enrolled students participating in various sports, which includes reports submitted to the National Collegiate Athletic Associatoin and the Atlantic Coast Conference, student names, background info, grade level, academic standing, GPA, eligibility status, and degree progress.7 years; destroy2010
5125Records and RegistrationCU-VPSA-DAR-4Official TranscriptsRecords the official transcripts of students attending Clemson University, which includes name, ID number, major, class, courses, grades, and type of degree awarded.Permanent
5125Records and RegistrationCU-VSPA-DAR-5Continuing Education UnitsDocuments records involving continuing education units at Clemson University, which includes name, address, program title, number of continuing education units, inclusive dates, and signatures.Permanent
5125Records and RegistrationCU-VSPA-DAR-9Veterans Administration FileDocuments enrollment certifications, applications for educational assistance, grade reports, transcripts, change of program, forms concerning Selective Reserve Education Assistance Program, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Duty, records from VA office, beneficiary reports, Certification of Delivery of Advance Payment and Enrollment, guidelines regarding loans and assistance, annual reporting fee, work-study students, audit lists, Veteran and Candidate drop/add weekly summary, and standards of progress.5 years; destroy
5160PlanningCU 00291Scheduled Instruction and Faculty Workload AnalysisRecords compare courses taught by professors on a yearly basis and aid in determining workloads, information includes faculty names, sections, and student hour equivalencies.10 years; destroy
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CUF Series 1Cancelled ChecksDocuments payment for services and products purchased by Clemson University Foundation officials, which includes payee, amount, and date.7 years; destroy2003
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CUF Series 2Financial StatementsDocuments balance sheets, statement of revenue, expenditures and changes in equity, detail revenue and expenditure reports, which includes fund name and number, report date, and annual budget. 20 years; destroy1999
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CUF Series 3Audit ReportsDocuments examination and review of financial records for the foundation by independent audit and accounting firms. Reports include statement of assets, liabilities and fund balances, statement revenue expenditures, changes in fund balances, and notes concerning financial statements and audit recommendations.20 years; destroy1999
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CUF Series 4General LedgerDocuments a detailed account of assets and liabilities for funds of university's foundations.Permanent 1999
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CUF Series 5Accounting DocumentsDocuments revenue received and expenses paid for Clemson University Foundation, which includes budget forms, revenue receipt forms, journal and disbursement vouchers, purchase orders, and other related accounting reports.7 years; destroy2003
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CUF Series 6Donor FilesDocuments information concerning individual and corporate donors, which includes donor correspondence, company info, wills, family settlements, research profiles, and donor questionnaires.Permanent 1999
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CUF Series 7Board Meeting MinutesDocuments minutes created by the Clemson University Foundation of proceedings at quarterly meetings of the Clemson University Foundation Board of Directors.Permanent 1999
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CURF Series 1Cancelled ChecksDocuments Payment for services and products purchased by Clemson University Research Foundation officials, which includes payee, amount, date, and other related information.20 years; destroy1999
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CURF Series 2Financial StatementsDocuments Balance sheets, revenue statement, expenditures and changes in equity, and detail expenditure reports. Information includes fund name, date, and annual budget.20 years; destroy1999
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CURF Series 3Audit ReportsDocuments the examination and review of financial records for Clemson University Research Foundation by independent audit and accounting firms, which includes statement assets, liabilities and fund balances, revenue expenditures, changes in fund balances, notes concerning financial statements and audit reccommendations.20 years; destroy1999
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CURF Series 4 General LedgerDocuments a detailed account of assets and liabilities for funds of Clemson University Research Foundations on an annual basis.Permanent 1999
5306Accounting for Related Organizations CURF Series 5Accounting DocumentsDocuments revenue received and expenses paid for Clemson University Research Foundation, information includes budget forms, revenue receipt forms, journal and disbursement vouchers, purchase orders, and other accounting reports.20 years; destroy1999
5307Student Financial ServicesCU 11214Teller's Daily Balancing Records and Summary SheetsDocuments daily teller cash receipts and deposits made by the Bursar's office, which includes adding machine tapes, summary sheets, amount of deposits plus student notes, accountability brought forward, petty cash, total accountability, teller info, refund, and receipt totals.5 years; destroy1999
5307Student Financial ServicesCU 11215Student's Accounts Receivable EditRecords created by the Office of Business Affairs to document student payment, which includes student's name, social security number, fees, charges due, net balance, phone number, and Collection Register Edit report.3 years; destroy1999
5307Student Financial ServicesCU 10581Student Payment RecordsDocuments student payment records created and maintained by the Bursar's Office, which includes student directory info, fees, deferred payment notes, miscellaneious charges, adjustments, graduate assistant deferred note, adjustments to student fees, and payroll deduction.7 years; destroy
5307Student Financial ServicesCU-VPBF-FM-17Utility/Freight Accounts ReceivableDocuments utility, frieght, and telephone bills for all departments on campus, married student housing, and non-university facility on Clemson campus, which includes monthly telephone charges, electric, water bill, interdepartmental orders/transfers, billings, and payments.5 years; destroy1986
5307Student Financial ServicesCU-VPBF-FM-22Daily Transaction Error LogRecords used to document errors in accounts, which include batch number, control, sequence, run date, card image, and error message.5 years; destroy1986
5307Student Financial ServicesCU-VPBF-FM-31Outstanding Checklist (monthly)Records of outstanding checks for the month, check number, net amount, and date paid.3 years; destroy1986
5307Student Financial ServicesCU-VPBF-FM-32Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable InvoicesDocuments invoices for billing customers outside of the university, which includes date, invoice number, billing department, terms, charge description, and amount.5 years; destroy1986
5307Student Financial ServicesCU-VPBF-FM-33Student Accounts Receivable MonthlyDocuments payments made on student university bills, which includes collection code,description, name, ID, and debit or credit information.5 years; destroy1986
5307Student Financial ServicesCU-VPBF-FM-34Daily Back-up for Student CollectionsDocuments back-up information for student collections, which includes student name and number, transaction number, date, type, semester, transaction code, description, debit or credit, and Transaction Posting Report. 5 years; destroy1986
5307Student Financial ServicesCU-VPBF-FM-37Agency Transaction RegisterDocuments audit trail of transactions that passed system edits from the Comptroller General's Office, which included transaction ID, payee, agency batch, voucher, number, check, post date, lump sum, amount, hash amount, and net amount.5 years; destroy1986
5308Accounting ServicesCU 2486Request for Trade-in DocumentDocuments property trade-ins at Clemson University, which includes location of property, application of trade-in, sole source procurement, and new property being purchased.3 years; destroy1991
5308Accounting ServicesCU 2487Declaration of Surplus Property/TransferDocuments the disposition of surplus property and equipment transfer at Clemson University, which includes description of property, method of disposition, and department or agency equipment was transferred.3 years; destroy1991
5308Accounting ServicesCU 2488Online Property InventoryDocuments the master list of equipment owned by Clemson University, which includes serial number, quantity, department name, and other related information.5 years; destroy1991
5308Accounting ServicesCU 2489Deleted Equipment ReportDocuments the equipment deleted from Clemson University's property inventory, which includes serial number, quantity, department name, and other related information.5 years; destroy1991
5308Accounting ServicesCU 11208Realization of Revenue ReportDocuments in detail all revenue transactions which tie into the revenue and expenditure controls system, which includes transaction description, reference number, date, original budget, budget revisions, revised budget, realized revenue, and unrealized revenue.5 years; Archives-permanent1999
5308Accounting ServicesCU 11209Trial Balance (monthly, yearly)Documents agency transactions and month-ending balances for existing unrestricted current funds, which includes description, batch number, date, reference number, current month activity and balance, and transactions involving restricted funds.5 years; Archives-permanent1999
5308Accounting ServicesCU 11194Equipment Purchase ReportDocuments all equipment purchases for a year, which includes batch ID, transaction reference, account number, vendor, work/purchase order, amount, debit/credit, use tax, and description.3 years; destroy1999
5308Accounting ServicesCU 11195Vendor Check RegisterDocuments checks written to vendors by the university, which includes vendor number, purchase order, invoice, amount, check number, and voided checks.10 years; destroy1999
5308Accounting ServicesCU 11210Asset and Liability Reconciliation ReportDocuments fiscal information used to document receipts and disbursements of fiscal accounts of the university, which includes vendor account, corrections to vendor oustanding file, Vendor Bank Reconciliation System, checking summary, debit/credit copies, transaction credit, analysis, check copies, composite bank accounts, state treaurer's forms, and audit listing of bank account.5 years; destroy1999
5308Accounting ServicesCU 11211Miscellaneous Journal EntriesDocuments financial transaction from account to another, which includes batch control ticket, standard journal entry form, request to withdraw authorized funds, state treasurer's office journal vouchers,and correspondence.5 years; destroy1999
5308Accounting ServicesCU 11212Outstanding Reconciled Check List (yearly)Documents the final list of outstanding checks for the year, which includes vendor number, name, purchase order, check number, date paid, account, charged, and total of check.7 years; destroy1999
5310Budgets and Financial PlanningCU 09378Budget Allocation FileDocuments budgetary appropriations, budget analysis, audit activities, and budget requests.3 years; destroy1996
5310Budgets and Financial PlanningCU 09379Budget Appropriation Formula RecordsDocuments used to compute, justify, prepare budget requests, and comparative analysis concerning the preparation of budgets, which includes state budget formulas, appropriation needs, requirements, and budget allocations by formula percentages.5 years; destroy1996
5310Budgets and Financial PlanningCU 09380General Expenditure ReportRecords used to audit and analyze Clemson University expenditures, which includes date, budget code, detail of expenditures, actual total, appropriations, general expenditures, and federal expenditures.3 years; destroy1996
5310Budgets and Financial PlanningCU 09381Vending Machines Allocation FileRecords used to audit and report revenue and operational status of vending machines, which includes description of machines, revenue received, location, maintenance reports, audit and revenue reports.3 years; destroy1996
5311Staff SenateCU 16319Staff Development Program FilesRecords created by Staff senate, Staff Development Program, and Human Resources as part of a program that offers staff opportunity to grow in activities, which includes applications, HR memos for salary, salary letter, meeting minutes, eligibilty, survey, rubrics, and participant's binder contents.Rejected applications: 1 year; destroy All other records: 5 years; destroy.2013
5321Controller's OfficeCU-VPBF-FM-3Budget Status Report (daily, monthly, and yearly)Documents the financial status of departments, which includes account number, transaction, requisition, purchase order, reference number, date, class, budget, expendinture, encumbrances, and balance available.Permanent 1986
5321Controller's OfficeCU-VPBF-FM-21Sales TaxDocuments departments when sales tax is due on certain invoices, which includes requisition number, account, transaction amount, reference, date, vendor, and total number of records.5 years; destroy1986
5321Controller's OfficeCU-VPBF-FM-23Authorized Signature ListDocuments record signature authorization sheets from departments, which includes department name, date, number, individual name, signature of authorized individual, and signature of approving authority.5 years; destroy1986
5321Controller's OfficeCU-VPBF-FM-16Encumbrance Maintenance ReportRecord new purchase orders, which includes transaction input, transaction code, and action taken.3 years; destroy1986
5321Controller's OfficeCU-VPBF-FM-13Interdepartmental TransfersDocuments the transfer of funds between Clemson University and other state agencies, which includes agency voucher number, comptroller general's warrant number, agency transferred to, agency transferred from, transaction, agency number, mini code, sub fun code, subsidiary account number, encumbrance number, agency reference number, amount, multipurpose code, total, and signature.5 years; destroy1986
5321Controller's OfficeCU-VPBF-FM-9Daily Transactions by Transaction Number Account NumberDocuments microfiche titled daily transactions by transaction number and by account number, which includes total checks by day, batch number, run date, and a summary report of transactions into financial system.5 years; destroy1986
5321Controller's OfficeCU-VPBF-FM-6Financial Statement Reports (yearly)Documents bound copies of Clemson University's Yearly Financial Statement Report, which includes assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenditures.Permanent 1986
5321Controller's OfficeCU-VPBF-FM-8Financial Statements (Working papers)Records contain handwritten ledger sheets to verify and support university financial statements, titled Adjusting Journal Entries and Balance Sheet.5 years; destroy1986
5321Controller's OfficeCU-VPBF-FM-15Encumbrances-General Ledger Accounts (Vendor File Change)Documents vendor deletes, adds, and changes, which includes date, transaction description, vendor name, requisition number, effective date, purchase order, reference number, balance of encumbrance, and total encumbrance.3 years; destroy1986
5321Controller's OfficeCU-VPBF-FM-25Encumbrance Relief ReportDocuments debits as vendor accounts are paid, which includes payment account number, encumbered account, description of action taken.3 years; destroy1986
5321Controller's OfficeCU-VPBF-FM-24Outstanding EncumbrancesDocuments outstanding encumbrances, which includes order number, transaction description, vendor name, date, account number, and amount.5 years; destroy1986
5325Land and Capital Asset StewardshipCU 16852Land FilesDocuments real estate transactions of Clemson University, which includes deeds, right of way easements, correspondence relating to real estate transactions, plats, sales contracts, last will and testament, easements, agreements, appraisals, titles, leases, and development of property reports.Permanent 2015
5337Human ResourcesCU 00798Orientation/Workshop FilesRecords used to organize orientation and workshops for new employees at Clemson University, which includes surveys, brochures, and handwritten notes.2 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00799Employee Suggestion Program FilesRecords concerning employee suggestion ideas and improvements to Clemson University, which includes suggested change, cost-saving ideas, and direction for implementation.2 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 17651Training Management System Employee Training RecordsDocuments mandatory training for all employees, which includes training course title, completion date, course type, duration, instructors, username, and grade or score received.3 years after termination; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00842Employee Performance Management System NotificationRecords used to notify employees' performance review and date.1 year; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00843Dual Employment Request FormsRecords used by employees to request permission to seek additional work in state government and externally by other state employees seeking additional work at Clemson University.University employees-until approved or rejected, transfer to personnel file. Other employees-1 year; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00844Leave-Transfer Program FilesDocuments leave request forms, dontate request forms, and computer printouts of leave taken.3 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00845I-9 FormsDocuments individual's eligibility for employment, which includes employee information and verification, employer review and verification, and instructions for completing form.3 years after hiring date or 1 year after termination of employment, whichever is later; destroy.
5337Human ResourcesCU 00846Incident FilesDocuments campus incidents reported to Recruitment and Employee Services Office by Clemson University employees.5 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00847Employee Exit InterviewsRecords from terminated employees requesting an exit interview, which includes background, termination date, and improvement suggestions.5 years; archives
5337Human ResourcesCU 04668Pick-up Labor FormsDocuments work and pay of students and temporary employees at Clemson University, which includes name, department, beginning work date, pay rate, and other related information.15 years after termination of employment; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 06866Hiring DocumentationDocuments requirements for available positions, accouncements for vacancies, and hiring analysis, which includes position descriptions, advertisements, position activity notices, and Clemson University Recruitment and Employee Services Job Analysis forms.5 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 16311Employee Background ChecksRecords created to assist in the hiring process based on data obtained from SLED, credit reporting agencies, and background check vendors, which includes name, address, date of birth, social security number, driver's license number, and results of background check.5 years after separation from employment; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 90003Employment Applications (not hired)Employment applications and resumes who were not hired by University.2 years from date of rejection; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 90007Grievance FilesDocuments grievance proceedings initiated by university employee, which includes original grievance filing, decisions rendered at each level, copies of the grievance and appeals procedure for state agencies, and final decision rendered by state employee's grievance committee.15 years after resolution; destroy Duplicate: 2 years after resolution; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 90013Personnel Files (active and terminated)Records created by Office of Human Resources to document current and former employees of university, which includes applications, letters of recommendation, awards, resumes, performance appraisals, employee profile, dual employment info, separation records, and related correspondence.15 years after termination of employment; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 10019Employee Relations and Arbitration FilesDocuments resolution of arbitration issues related to personnel matters and working conditions, which includes incident, reprimand, performance data, records related to suspension/substandard performance, work environment conditions, and results of arbitration proceedings.3 years after resolution; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 10020Counseling Referrals (Employee Assistance Files)Documents employees' or their family members request for referrals to counseling services, which includes name, employment status, personal background data, date of contact, problem description, consent, referral type, and date.3 years after termination of employment; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00677Trial Balance for Payroll FundsDocuments cash balances for unrestricted payroll funds, which includes transaction description, current month activity, and balance.3 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00678Payroll and Fringe Benefits VouchersDocuments charges to each department for payroll and benefit expenses, which incudes payroll gross, total fringe benefits charged, approving signature, and date.5 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00679Cancelled Payroll ChecksDocuments cancelled checks drawn against University's payroll account, which includes employee's name, address, date, and net amount to be paid.3 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00680Insurance Billings and Receipt BooksRecords concerning insurance coverage and adjustments for subscribers in the Insurance Benefits System, which includes group ID number, net change and reason, and receipts for cash payments made by employees for dependent coverage.3 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00681Deduction RegistersDocuments amounts deducted from employee salaries, which includes tax levy, insurance benefits, savings, and loans.3 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00682Special PayDocuments special pay base received by university employees, which includes pay base, unscheduled emergency time, hours, and authorization.4 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00683Personnel Action FormsDocuments personnel actions, which includes employee position, service, and personnel action.3 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00684Automatic Bank Deposit AuthorizationsDocuments deposit of payroll checks directly into employee accounts, which includes employee name, deposit slip, and effective date.3 years after termination, cancellation or change of authorization; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00685Employee Deductions Information Form (Authorization cards for voluntary deductions)Documents deduction of monies from employee wages, which includes payroll beginning date, deduction description, effective coverage, and other related coverage.3 years after termination, cancellation or change of authorization; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 00686Comparison ReportsDocuments what was billed to employee's deduction account and what was paid, which includes employee contribution, employee plus state contribution, billing and difference, and other related information.3 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 16028Subpoenaed Employees Records FilesRecords created as a result of attorney's request to subpoena employee records, which includes plantiff, defendant, date of subpoena, response deadline, copies request, university response, and university fees for copies of information.3 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 16038Employee W-2 Forms Returned as UndeliverableRecords created by the Office of Payroll to document that the employee copy of the W-2 form was returned as undeliverable, which includes employee background info, name, address, social security number, federal/state wages, tax year, and taxes withheld.4 years after due date of tax for the return period, or the date such tax is paid, whichever is later; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 16039Employer Copy of Employee W-2 FormsRecords created to document file copies of Employee Wage and Tax Statement, which includes employer name, address, calendar year, social security number, income tax withheld, wages, tips, compensation, social security tax withheld, social security wages, state/local tax withheld, and employee's name and address.4 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 16980Foreign Person Tax DocumentationRecords used to document U.S. tax status, income, taxes, and treaty exempt income paid to foreign employees, payments of U.S. source financial aid to foreign national students, and payments to foreign national independent contractors, which includes IRS Form 1042, Form 1042-S Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding, Form W-9 request, Form W-8BEN Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner, claim of Tax Treaty Benefits and Certification, which includes international scholarship reports and payments to foreign national independent contractors.7 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU-VPBF-FM-7Authorization for Annuity Contracts/Annuity Billings and Receipt BooksDocuments agreements Clemson University and employees who have elected to reduce salaries in order to buy into annuity systems, which includes name, social security number, amount of salary reduced, to whom payment is made, terms of contract, annuity billings and receipt books.Permanent
5337Human ResourcesCU-VPBF-FM-48Report for RetirementDocuments amounts contributed by employees to the State Retirement System, which includes name, social security number, membership contribution up to and over $4,800, non-member contribution, retirement contribution, service credit, and totals.Permanent
5337Human ResourcesCU-VPBF-FM-50Verification of Unified Wage ReportingDocuments amount of employee payroll that goes to federal government, name, address, social security number, FICA taxable wage, income tax, state retirement data30 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU-VPBF-FM-55Authorization for Voluntary WithholdingDocuments Payroll Deduction Authorization Forms used in deduction employee salary monies necessary to pay for the Deduction Program, which includes name, social security number, department name, amount deducted, company deduction is paid to, date and employee signature.5 years after termination or cancellation of authorization and completion of all audits; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU-VPBF-FM-57Employee Withholding and Exemption CertificatesDocuments the number of withholdings and exemptions claimed by employees, which includes Withholding Allowance Certificate, employee's name, address, social security number, marital status, allowances claimed, additional amounts claimed, exemptions, employer's name, office code, employer's ID number, date, and signature.5 years after termination or superseded by new certificate and completion of all audits; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU-VPBF-FM-58Employee Payroll Authorization and Cost DistributionDocuments amount of pay each employee is to be paid, which includes department number, payroll ending date, social security number, employee name, pay rate, account number, work code, hours, units, and signature of department head.5 years after completion of all audits; destroy
5337Human Resources12-807.5Computer Output Reports from Payroll Financial Databases Documents all current and year-to-date employee earnings for the university, which includes social security number, name, gross pay, maintenance, federal/state tax, FICA, requirement, insurance, net pay, check code, check number, and accounting records relating to payroll.Until updated or no longer needed; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 08149Position DescriptionsDocuments actual job tasks performed by position incumbent, which includes employee name, title, classification code slot, job purpose, and description.Until no longer needed for reference; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 08150Reallocation/Reclassification StudiesDocuments studies concerning position reallocation and reclassification requests, which includes analysis of positions, names and social security number of position incumbents, department, and information relating to the reclassification and reallocation requests.3 years after completion of study and no longer needed for reference; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 08151Regression AnalysisDocuments pay comparison and analysis of salary grade ranges, which includes employees' names, social security number, department, salary grade ranges, drafting plots, and estimated salary statistics.3 years after completion of analysis and until no longer needed for reference; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 08152Temporary Salary Adjustment RequestsDocuments temporary salary adjustments for university employees, which includes adjustment awarded and temporary performance of extra work/responsibilites.3 years after salary action; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 08153Salary SurveyAnalyzes and compares clemson salaries with other university salaries, position, annual salary, grade, comparison3 years after completion of survey and no longer needed for reference; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 08154Employee Supplemental Salary RequestsDocument wages/adjustments to employee's salary, which includes name, department, background info, type of adjustment, date, bonus, special pay, awards, or other salary adjustments.3 years; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 08155Exceptional Hourly Rates for StudentsDocuments student hourly wages that exceed the student pay scale, which includes name, background info, hourly rate, approval by Wage and Salary Administration, and other related information.3 years after termination; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 08156Hire Above Minimum RequestsDocuments employees hired above minimum pay grade, which includes employee name, social security number, special qualifications, and work experience.3 years after date of hiring; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 08157Organizational ChartsDocuments organizational structure of the university by department and job classification, which includes department name, position titles, classification, grade, and reporting structure.2 years and until superseded; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 08158Position Activity Notice Records submitted by departments to request funding for positions, which includes incumbent name, department name, position title, social security number, and salary info.3 years after issuance of notice; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 08159Position Activity Notice (Temporary Grant Positions)Records submitted by university departments to funding for temporary grant positions, which includes name of incumbent, name of department, position title, social security number, and salary information.3 years after following cancellation of grant conctract or submission of final expenditure report; destroy
5337Human ResourcesCU 15582W-9 Forms (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)Records created by university administrative personnel and required by the Internal Revenue Service to document taxpayer ID numbers of vendors doing business with the university or individual contractors seeking employment, which includes name/address of vendor, proprietor, corporation, partnership, backup withholding status, taxypayer identification number, and certification to include signature and date.Until superseded and no longer needed for reference; destroy
5339Risk ManagementCU 10022Worker's Compensation Injury Report FormsDocuments the recording and reporting of occupational injuries and illnesses, which includes date and time of report, name of injured, status of injury, indication of when injury happened, employer, supervisor, location of injury or illness, estimated disability, and other related information.5 years; destroy1997
5339Risk ManagementCU 11533Property InsuranceDocuments coverage on university property, including owned or leased buildings and their contents, which includes payments for approved building and insurance claims, policy number, description of property, building inspection reports, type of coverage, terms of policy, and termination or expiration date.7 years after termination or expiration of policy; destroy2008
5339Risk ManagementCU 11534Motor Vehicle Comprehensive and Collision Insurance PoliciesDocuments comprehensive and collision property insurance coverage for university motor vehicles, which includes policy numbers, descriptions of insured motor vehicles, coverage type, terms of policy, and termination or expiration date.3 years after termination or expiration of policy; destroy2000
5339Risk ManagementCU 11535Tort Liability Insurance PoliciesDocuments any damage, personal injury, wrongful act done willfully, negligently or in circumstances involving strict liability, but not involving breach of contract against the university, which includes carrier name, policy number, coverage dates, authorized signatures, name of insured, and termination or expiration date.20 years after termination or expiration of policy; destroy2000
5339Risk ManagementCU 11536Aircraft Liability Insurance PoliciesDocuments liabillity insurance coverage for aircraft, which includes policy number, terms of insurance policy, coverage type, and termination or expiration date.20 years after termination or expiration of policy; destroy2000
5339Risk ManagementCU 11537FloatersDocuments floaters insurance coverage on moveable equipment, which includes policyholder, policy number, dates, and name and description of equipment covered.10 years after termination or expiration of policy; destroy2000
5339Risk ManagementCU 11538CURF and Related Foundations Insurance PoliciesDocuments property and casualty insurance coverage for the Clemson University Research Foundation, Clemson University Research Facility, Clemson University Foundation, and IPTAY, which includes carrier name, name of entity insured, type and amount of coverage, and pertinent dates.20 years after termination or expiration of policy; destroy2016
5339Risk ManagementCU 11539Certificates of InsuranceDocument insurance coverage of university facilities and foundations as proof of indemnification, which includes facility name or entity insured, coverage amount, and pertinent dates.10 years after termination or expiration of policy; destroy2000
5339Risk ManagementCU 11540Summer Camp Insurance PoliciesDocuments person participating in training camps held at the university and employees of the camps, which includes name and background information of student participating, employee, and volunteer, camp name, location, waiver rights, and names of parent or guardian names.3 years after termination or expiration of policy; destroy2000
5339Risk ManagementCU 14960Driver Improvement Program and License ScreeningDocuments employees and student workers who successfully completed American Automobile Assocation's Driver Improvement course and document qualification for point reduction and adjustment by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, which includes participant's name, address, driver's license number, date of birth, AAA certification, instructior, point reduction, receipts, and invoices.7 years; destroy2008
5355Grants and ContractsCU 04670Effort Reports - ClearDocuments compensation provided to employees who work on a sponsored project or associated sharing project, which includes employee name, ID, project chartfield strings for payroll, distribution, principal investigator, sponsor, project title, and percentage of effort paid from each chartstring. 3 years from date of submission of the final expenditure report; destroy2015
5355Grants and ContractsCU 10577Post-Award Project FilesCreated by Grants and Contracts Administration to document external projects awarded to Clemso University, which includes proposals, award documents, modifications, notifications, invoices, financial reports, non-financial info, budget amendments, sub-award and correspondence. 3 years; destroy2015
5365Procurement ServicesCU 10579Cancelled ChecksUsed to record checks writen to vendors by the university and subsequently cancelled, which includes date, check number, amount, and the party to whom the check was paid.7 years; destroy
5365Procurement ServicesCU 11196Check Payments to Vendors Used to record the number of checks and amounts written to vendors, which is entitled Check/Voucher Listing-Accumulative, and includes vendor number, vendor name, purchase order number, check number, date paid, amount code charged, voucher amounts and check total.10 years; destroy
5365Procurement ServicesCU 01315Bid PackageDocuments all bids submitted for products and services to be purchased or leased by Clemson University, which includes request for quotation, purchase order voucher, and sealed bid.5 years; destroy
5373University BookstoreCU 00290Book ListsDocuments textbook requests by faculty members, which includes course name, instructor, book title, and related information.1 year; destroy1991
5393Campus Services CU 00297Daily LogsDocuments copy services provided to departments, date service requested, service description, and department.3 years; destroy1991
5393Campus Services CU 00298Internal Job EstimatesEstimates for printing jobs requested by departments, which includes quantity, size, binding, and other related information.Jobs not printed: 6 months; destroy Jobs printed: 3 years; destroy1991
5393Campus Services CU 00299Proof SheetsApproval of work product as is or with changes, job title, proof date, department name3 years; destroy1991
5393Campus Services CU 00612Copier Service LogsDocuments reports of broken copy machines, which includes date, location, and problem.2 years; destroy1991
5393Campus Services CU 00613Report for the PeriodDocuments total number of copies orimpressions made quarterly, which includes manufacturer,model, impressions per minute, quarter impressions, and total number of impressions for agency.2 years; destroy1991
5393Campus Services CU 08071Daily Postage Revenue LogsRecords the amount of money received daily from customers for postal fees, information includes itemized account for charges and related mail services.3 years; destroy1994
5393Campus Services CU 08072Mail Management ReportsDocuments monthly receipts/expenditures for mail services, which includes charges to departments, bulk mailing, United Parcel Service receipts, Pitney Bowes meter readings, and daily revenue received.3 years; destroy1994
5393Campus Services CU 08073Mailing PermitsDocuments US Postal Services mailing permits and assignments, which includes applications for permit number, and applications to mail at special bulk third class rates.3 years after termination or expiration of permit; destroy1994
5393Campus Services CU 08074Post Office Box RentalsDocuments the assignment of post office boxes to customers, which includes name/address of customer, post office box number, and rental fee.4 years; destroy1994
5393Campus Services CU 08075Post Office Box Rental ApplicationsDocuments customer requests to rent post office boxes, which includes name,address, ID of applicant, and terms of rental agreement.2 years after expiration of agreement; destroy1994
5393Campus Services CU 08076Postage Meter SettingsRecords used to record and reconcile postage meter settings, which includes postage meter settings, reconciliation, date, amount of setting, reading, meter number, postmaster's signature and location.3 years; destroy1994
5393Campus Services CU 08077Registered Mail LogsDocuments registered mail received from and delivered to campus personnel, which includes date, office or zip origin, registered number jacket, lock or seal numbers, dispatching or receiving clerk, number of articles, despcription, and authorizaed signature.3 years; destroy1994
5393Campus Services CU 08078United States Postal RequestsDocuments postal materials ordered, such as stamp orders, plain envelopes, post cards, and supplies.4 years; destroy1994
5393Campus Services CU 08079United Parcel Service LogsDocuments United Parcel Service deliveries and receipts which includes name, authorized signature, description of parcel, parcel number, time and date delivered.3 years; destroy1994
5393Campus Services CU 13946Flight Logs and Passenger ManifestDocuments the activity and passengers of university aircraft, which includes trip sheets, logs, purpose of trip, crew, date, starting and ending times, departure/arrival points, layover, billing info, trip type, passenger's name and signature, department, flight and billing costs.University Office: Until no longer needed for reference; University Archives: selection of needed documentation2004
5402Board of TrusteesCU 16787Board of Trustee FilesRecords created to document information regarding the Board of Trustees of Clemson University, information includes membership lists, meeting minutes, biographical info on Board members, correspondence, memoranda, Board resolutions, recommendations to the Board, Board license plates, regulations/quarantines of the Board, trustees emeriti, Board and committee investigations, trustee manuals, and annual reports submitted to the Board.Office: 5 years; University Archives: Permanent
5402Board of TrusteesCU 16788Honorary DegreesRecords created to document persons who have received honorary degrees from Clemson University, which includes correspondence, citation, honorary degree diplomas, photographs, biographical sketches, list of all honorary degree recipients, and other related information.Office: 5 years; University Archives: Permanent
5403Office of Internal AuditCU 11239Audit WorkpapersDocuments periodic financial, operational, and compliance audits as well as consulting engagements of departmental offices conducted by the Internal Auditing Office, which includes planning documents, audit programs, audit workpapers, findings, and reccommendations.10 years; destroy2014
5403Office of Internal AuditCU 16528Final Audit ReportsDocuments the final results of financial, operational, and compliance audits, as well as consulting engagements of departmental offices conducted by the Internal Auditing Office, which includes background information, scope, objectives, findings, reccommendations, and responses.Office: 30 years; University Archives: Permanent2014
5403Office of Internal AuditCU 16529Resource FilesDocuments departmental resources used in campus audits conducted by the Internal Auditing Office, which includes contracts, organizational documents, policies, procedures, and suggestion sheets.Until no longer needed for reference; destroy2014
5404Office of Access and EquityCU 06101Access and Equity ReportDocuments statistical data related to hiring/retention of minority faculty and staff, which includes a report submitted to Commission on Higher Education as a basis for grant funding detailing number of university employees according to job, sex, race, salary, and title.3 years; destroy
5404Office of Access and EquityCU 06102Office of Federal Contract and Compliance Audit RecordsDocuments the university's hiring practices and compliance documentation with the Federal Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action programs, which includes correspondence, memoranda, coordination of University's Affirmative Action and Desegregation plan, information on hiring practices, and number of employees identified by sex, race, and salary.3 years after audits are completed; destroy
5404Office of Access and EquityCU 06103Graduate Incentive Fellowship RecordsDocuments the awarding of fellowships to minority student who attend the graduate program at Clemson, which includes background info, academic status, funds awarded, residency requirement status, and fellowship contractual agreement.Approved applicants: 3 years after expiration of contract provided all audits have been completed; destroy. Rejected applicants: 1 year after rejection; destroy.
5404Office of Access and EquityCU 06104Affirmative Action FormsDocuments recruitment of job applicants based on Affirmative Action guidelines, information includes name, sex, identiy, location, and title of position.3 years; destroy
5404Office of Access and EquityCU 06105Mini-Grant RecordsDocuments grants denied or awarded to black faculty, staff, and students for projects concerning minority educational issues, which includes grant applications, project proposals, rejected grants, approved applicants and amount of grants awarded.Approved applicants: 3 years after completion of project and successful audits; send to University Archives for selection of needed documentation. Rejected applicants: 1 year after rejection; destroy.
5404Office of Access and EquityCU 15414Internal and External Employee/Student ComplaintsDocuments complaints by University employees and/or students based on age, color, disability, gender, origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran's status, which consists of name, background data, date of alleged complaint, statement of allegations, positions of parties, summary of the findings of fact, determinations by investigator, recommendations to resolve compliant, and final disposition.1 year after separation or termination; destroy2010
5604Advancement: Finance and AdministrationCU 04935University and Foundation Fund Source Documents FileDocuments contributions and soliciations of funds for Clemson University and Clemson University Foundation, which includes mail solicitation material, letters, photocopies of checks, and matching gift forms.3 years; destroy1992
5604Advancement: Finance and AdministrationCU 04967Fund AgreementsDocuments donation agreements between Clemson University, Clemson University Foundation, and their respective donors; which includes amount of donation, minimum total value of fund, purpose of fund, date, criteria for recipients, terms of agreement, date, and signature of donor and authorized university signatures. This series includes Endowed Fund, Annual Fund, and Annual Award agreements.Until completion of audit and no longer needed for reference; Archives Permanent.
5606Strategic CommunicationsCU 04930News Releases (agricultural communications)Documents news media coverage in agricultural research, which includes science articles on agricultural science, extension service, and experiment stations at Clemson University.5 years; University Archives for selection of needed documentation1992
5606Strategic CommunicationsCU 04932Curriculum Vitae for Faculty and Key AdministratorsDocuments biographical information for Clemson University faculty and key administrators, information includes educational background, employment history, and awards received.3 years after termination of employment; University Archives: Permanent1992
5606Strategic CommunicationsCU 04933Newspaper Clippings FileDocuments news coverage of Clemson activities and events.2 years; destroy1992
5606Strategic CommunicationsCU 04936News ReleasesDocuments news reports about department activities and events at Clemson University, except Althetic Dept. and Agricultural Science Dept.5 years; University Archives for selection of needed documentation1992
5608Office of Creative ServicesCU 04931Closed Job FilesDocuments completed printing jobs retained by Publications and Graphic staff to assist in reproduction of outdated publications, which includes specifications, costs, publication job sheet, and job closing information.Until superseded or no longer needed for reference; destroy1992
5701VP for ResearchCU 15788Export Control RecordsDocuments federal regulations governing US trade sanctions and restricitons on export, which includes license approvals, agency communications, negotiations, investigatory questionnaires, boycotts or export transactions subject to the Office of Foreign Assets Control, Export Administration Regulations, or International Traffic in Arms Regulations.5 years after final transaction; destroy2011
5702Sponsored ProgramsCU 08010Small Grants and ContractsDocuments the administration of small grants and contracts. Information includes award notification, proposals, account ID number, receipt number, principal investigator, budget account number, grant/contrat period, grant expenditure reports, sponsor, and related correspondence.Grant records: 3 years after submission of fiscal expenditure report; destroy. Contract records: 3 years after termination of contract; destroy.1994
5704Research ComplianceCU 08007Animal Care and Use Protocol RecordsRecords used to document research, teaching, testing projects involving animals, which includes project title, principal investigator, funding agency, laboratory research, field studies, animal welfare policy, and project reports.3 years after completion of project; destroy2011
5704Research ComplianceCU 08008Human Subject Research Protocol RecordsRecords used to document research involving human subjects, which includes project title, principal investigator, funding agency, grant number, patient's information and signature, and project reports.3 years after completion of project; destroy2011
5704Research ComplianceCU 13868Institutional Biosafety Protocol RecordsRecords used to document research projects involving biological hazards, chemical hazards with vertebrate animals, and recombinant DNA, which includes Institutional Biosafety Committee reports and recommendations, project title, principal investigator, type of hazardous agent, project number, funding agency, and research protocols,3 years after completion of project; destroy2011
5705Technology TransferCU 08009Intellectual Property Committee FilesDocuments inventions made by university personnel using university resources, information includes invention disclosure and patent, copyright software, trade secrets, patent protection records, and relatec legal fees.5 years; transfer to University Archives Permanent 1994
5705Technology TransferCU-PVPA-OUR-7Research Proposal LogsDocuments lists of research proposals, which includes principal investigators, name, campus location, agency, date, amount, brief title, file copy number, and result.After no longer needed for reference; transfer to University Archives for selection of needed documentation.1986
5705Technology TransferCU-PVPA-OUR-8Research Proposal Logs/University Patents, Inc. Documents information concerning the Drug Science Foundation (DSF,) technology transfer agency, and University Patents Inc (UPI;) which includes reports from DSF detailing current technological advances and UPI reports concerning disclosures made by faculty or students which may warrant patent.After no longer needed for reference; transfer to University Archives for selection of needed documentation.1986
5708Research ServicesCU 14718Research Support AgreementsDocuments contractual agreements between office of research services and another party, which includes dates, parties, contract type, scope of work with description, cost estimates, and signatures.3 years after cancellation and/or expiration of contract; destroy2007
5713Dean of Graduate SchoolCU 7932Graduate School Student Application Records (rejected or not enrolled)Documents application records of rejected applicants, and accepted students who did not enroll in graduate school; information includes applications, status, academic transcript copies, reference letters, test scores, and acceptance or rejection letters.1 year; destroy1995
5713Dean of Graduate SchoolCU 7933Enrollment Data Reports Defunct series of data concerning graduate school enrollment, report number, name, degree, major, total number of students, code, genderdestroy 1995
5713Dean of Graduate SchoolCU 8322Earned Graduate Degree FileDocuments records of students who have earned their graduate degree from Clemson, information includes applications, courses completed, and records confirming fulfillment of degree requirements.2 years after date of graduation; destroy1995
5713Dean of Graduate SchoolCU 8323Graduate Course Enrollment Request Forms (for senior undergraduate students)Documents requests for enrollment in graduate school courses by senior students in undergraduate school, which includes date, name, graduate courses requested, credit hours required for bachelors/graduate degree, signature, course request approval or rejection, department head, and admissions office.Approved requests: 3 years from date of approval; destroy. Rejected requests: 1 year from date of rejection; destroy.1995
5713Dean of Graduate SchoolCU 10576Graduate Student FilesDocuments graduate students receiving masters and/or doctorate degrees from Clemson University, which includes plan of study listing courses that are applied to each degree.75 years; destroy1998
5713Dean of Graduate SchoolCU 17351Course Approval FormsRecords for submission to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and Graduate Curriculum Committee to aprove/deny creation of undergraduate and graduate level courses; information includes title of propose course, description, course rationale, prerequisites, enrollment, facility/library requirements, signatures of chair of the curriculum committee, department chair, dean, provost, and president.5 years; destroy2017
5714Office of Global EngagementCU 07948Visiting Professors and Scholars Exchange Program FilesDocuments background information and status of international professors and scholars at Clemson University, which includes participant's name, country of birth, local address, telephone number, social security number, exchange visitor checklist, immigration and naturalization service forms, US information agency forms, program application, and Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor.10 years after participant completes program visit; destroy1994
5714Office of Global EngagementCU 07949Institutional Linkage AgreementsDocuments cooperative agreements between Clemson and foreign universities concerning academic exchange programs and the sharing of academic resources, which includes terms of agreement, signatures, and date.10 years after termination of agreement; destroy1994
5714Office of Global EngagementCU 07950International Student FilesDocuments information concerning the admission and enrollment of international students in university's graduate school, which includes name, background info, eligibility for nonimmigrant student status, passport copies, admission documents, and graduate school application.10 years after graduation or last date of attendance; destroy1994
5737Research SafetyCU 09226Radioactive and Hazardous Material Incident Log BookDocuments accidents or incidents involving radioactive or hazardous material concerning exposure to student or employees, which includes name of waste or contaminant, exposure indication, date, time, location of accident/incident, name of contact to inform for clean up services, and investigator's name.Permanent 2015
5737Research SafetyCU 09227Badge ReadingsRecords are used to measure the levels of radiation by employees and students' badge film, and the levels of radiation exposure to students and employees, which includes students or employees' badge ID numbers, level of radiation dose measured, date, and laboratory name and location.Permanent 2015
5737Research SafetyCU 09228Radiation SurveyDocuments routine radioactive contamination surveys and surveys of incoming radioactive shipments, which includes results of surveys and calculations used to evaluate individual dose equivalents, individual and intakes and release of radioactive effluents to the environment.Permanent 2015
5737Research SafetyCU 09229Biological and Biohazard Waste ManifestsDocuments biological and biohazard waste shipped or treated by Clemson University, which includes treatment or disposal facility of infectious or non-infectious waste with generator ID number, weight and date, log of infectious waste log treated onsite by Biological Safety Officer of individual performing the treatment.Permanent 2015
5737Research SafetyCU 09230Policies for Management and Disposal of Radioactive WasteDocuments procedures or guidelines for the management and disposal of the university's radioactive waste, which includes policies, date, radioactive waste decontamination procedures, radioactive waste disposal guidelines, information concerning radiation risks, types of categories of radioactive substances, and other related information.Permanent 2015
5737Research SafetyCU 09231Policies for Management and Disposal of Mixed WasteRecords are used to document policies for the management and disposal of the university's mixed waste that contains radioactive substances and hazardous materials, which includes policies, date, guidelines for handling mixed wate, and mixed waste disposal procedures/Permanent 2015
5737Research SafetyCU 09232Aqueous Radioactive Waste ReportsDocuments aqueous waste located near the university's facilities, which includes ID and location of aqueous waste discovered in/around university facilites, and guidelines regarding disposal of aqueous waste.Permanent 1996
5737Research SafetyCU 09233Calibration of Instrument RecordsDocuments the calibration of instruments used to detect hazardous and radioactive waste, which includes data, time instrument was calibrated, person conducting calibration and adjustment tests.Permanent1996
5737Research SafetyCU 16998Hazardous Waste ManifestsRecords created by waste services personnel and the hazardous waste disposal contractor to ship regulated hazardous waste from site generation to TSDF, which includes names, addresses, phone numbers, EPA ID number of generator, transporter, TSDF, Dept. of Transportation proper shipping names, quantities, pounds of waste, signatures, and TSDF personnel.Permanent2015
5737Research SafetyCU 16999Hazardous Waste Management Facility Central Accumulation Point Inspection ReportsRecord malfunctions/deteriorations, operator errors, discharges at waste management facility that cause the release of hazardous waste or threaten health, observations/deficiencies, nature of repairs, remedial actions taken, inspector, time, date3 years; destroy2015
5737Research SafetyCU 17000Hazardous Waste Reports to Federal and State Regulatory AgenciesRecords all reports and treatability studies created by Clemson University Office of Research Safety staff and trasmitted to the South Carolina Dept. of Health and Environmental Control and the Environmental Protection Agency in accordance with South Carolina and federal laws.Permanent2015
5737Research SafetyCU 17001Radiation Protection Program AuditsDocuments audits performed annually by the licensee, which is the Office of research safety, in accordance with SC DHEC 61-63, which includes reviews of program content and implementation, and inspection results.Duration of the license2015
5737Research SafetyCU 17002Radiation Protection Program RecordsRecords created by Clemson University staff to document radiation protection program activities, which includes policy and mission statements, committee bylaws, manuals, and provisons of the program related to radiation and x-ray safety.Permanent 2015
5737Research SafetyCU 17003Radiation Long Half-Life Waste Disposal RecordsRecords created by Clemson University staff to records disposal of long half-life radioactive waste, which includes date of disposal, date placed into storage, radionuclides disposed, survey instrument used, background dosage rates, and name of individual performing disposal.Permanent 2015
5737Research SafetyCU 17004Radioactive Material Receipt and TransferRecords created by Clemson University staff to document the transfer and receipt of radioactive material, which includes radionuclides, activity, shipper, recipient's name, date/time of receipt, results of package survey, and identity of individual shipping/receiving package.Permanent 2015
5737Research SafetyCU 17005Radioactive Short Half-Life Waste Disposal RecordsRecords created by Clemson University staff to document the decay-in-storage disposal of radioactive waste, which includes disposal date, date placed into storage, radionuclides disposed, instrument used, dose rate measured at container surface, and individual performing disposal.Permanent 2015
5737Research SafetyCU 17006Test Results, Waste Analysis, or Other DeterminationsRecords created by Clemson University staff to make hazard determinations on each waste stream in accordance with South Carolina Waste Management Regulation 61-79.262.11, which includes declaration forms submitted by generators of hazardous waste, and lab analysis results.Permanent2015
5737Research SafetyCU 17007Training RecordsRecords created by Clemson University staff in accordance with South Carolina Hazardous Waste Management Regulations, and are required to train generators of hazardous waste, which includes sign-in attendance sheets, syllabi for training sessions, lectures, handouts, certificates of training completion, test results, and related material used for instructional purposes.50 years from date of creation; destroy2015
5904University FacilitiesCU 08080Monthly Trip LogsDocuments monthly vehicle usage, which includes date, driver's name, license number, beginning/ending odometer readings, destination, purpose, vehicle tag number, vehicle number, and project number.3 years; destroy1994
5904University FacilitiesCU 08082Requests for Motor VehiclesDocuments requests the use of university motor vehicles, which includes ticket number, account number, percentage of costs, date, department's name, principal/alternate driver's name, license number, social security number, trip purpose, time/type of vehicle needed, authorized signature, and reservation status.3 years; destroy1994
5904University FacilitiesCU 08083Motor Vehicle Master FilesDocuments master file of vehicles owned and/or removed from the motor vehicle fleet, which includes maintenance history, miscellaneous maintenance, monthly gasolne and oil record, serial number, motor vehicle number, model, year, key code number, color, and signatures of foreman and mechanic.3 years after disposition of vehicle; destroy1994
5904University FacilitiesCU 08084Motor Vehicle Operations and Maintenance FilesDocuments motor vehicle operations and maintenance, which includes motor vehicle requests, inspection reports, motor vehicle accident reports, and motor vehicle inventories.3 years; destroy1994
5904University FacilitiesCU 08085Motor Pool Vehicles Ownership FilesInformation documents motor vehicles owned by university departments or assigned to university departments, which includes purchase requisitions, purchase orders, vehicle specifications, bid requests, lease options, serial number, make and model, and maintenance activity.3 years after disposition of vehicle; destroy1994
5904University FacilitiesCU 08086Trip CancellationsDocuments the cancellation of motor vehicle trip requests, which includes ticket number, account number, percentage of costs, date, department name, principal/alternate driver's name, license number, social security number, trip purpose, time/type of vehicle, signature, reservation status, and cancellation notice.1 year after cancellation; destroy1994
5904University FacilitiesCU 08420Air Quality and Emission Reports FileDocuments campus air quality and emissions from university's utilities, which includes permit applications, air quality reports, steam production data, emission readings, and other related information.3 years after the date on which record was made or report submitted; destroy1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08421Drinking Water Monitoring ReportsDocuments quality of the university's drinking water, which includes bacteriological analysis, location of reported bacteria, water temperature, date, time, and name of person completing report.12 years; destroy1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08422Water Service AgreementsDocuments agreements between university and a water service compnay, which includes type of service, amount of water to be delivered, terms of agreements, and authorized signatures.3 years after termination of agreement; destroy1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08423Waste Water Treatment Monitoring ReportsDocuments the quality of water in the university's waste treatment facilities, which includes bacteriological analysis, water temperature, water summary, date, time, name of person completing report, and correspondence.3 years; destroy1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08424Utility ReportDocuments utility usage at the University; which includes meter reading, utility consumption, and usage of coal, electricity, steam, water and natural gas.3 years; destroy1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08425Polychlorinated Biphenyl Program (PCB) FileDocuments the use of PCB at the University's generator and utility facilities, which includes clean-up policies and procedures concerning industrial compounds, inspections, maintenance history, leaks, repairs, replacement, containment, amount of dielectric fluid burned each month, and monitoring of combustion.5 years; destroy1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08426Specifications, Drawings and MapsDocuments specifications, drawings, and maps for all institution's buildings and facilities, which includes building name, location, date constructed, plans, drawings, maps, history of building, engineer, and construction company.University Archives: Permanent 1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08427Work Order FilesDocuments work performed by the Facilities and Operations Staff; which includes requesting department, number, requisition, department contact, office number, phone number, building name, work order, signature, job description, requisitions, change order forms, blueprints, correspondence, cancelled work orders, and other related information.Completed work orders: 10 years after year is completed; destroy. Cancelled work orders: 2 years after work order is cancelled; destroy.1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08428Maintenance Planning and Control Database Report FileDocuments work activity performed by facilities and operations staff for university departments, which includes building number, job descriptions, project number, materials account number, labor account number, estimated start date, finish date, and related accounting information.Until no longer needed for reference; destroy1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08429Asbestos Abatement Training RecordsDocuments asbestos abatement training for employees working with or around it, which includes employee's name, address, background info, name of class, date, and certification.1 year after last date of employment; destroy1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08430Pesticide Treatment ReportsDocuments the use of pesticides on university buildings and grounds, which includes name and location, area of campus grounds, time/date of pesticide treatment, and individuals involved.3 years; destroy1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08431Asbestos Abatement Project FilesDocuments removal of asbestos at university buildings and facilities, which includes project reports, removal agreements, logs, medical approvals for employees, dual employment data, sample and test reports, and other related information.30 years; destroy1995
5904University FacilitiesCU 08432Service ContractsDocuments contracts between the University and business for removal of asbestos; which includes bids, service agreements, medical reference info, and conditions of contract.3 years after termination of contract; destroy1995
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00239Sports Contract FilesDocuments athletic agreements between Clemson University and the ACC, which includes ACC Agreement, ACC Athletic Competition Agreement, ACCpPrticipation Agreement, and other related contracts and information.Dept.: 6 years; then transfer to University Archives for selection of needed documentation.1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00240Concession/Lease AgreementsDocuments agreements of concession sales at sports events involving Clemson University Trademarks and rentals, which includes Athletic Concession Agreements, Revocable Nonexclusive Licenses to use certain indicia of Clemson University, and Clemson University Memorial Stadium Executive Suite Lease agreements.5 years; destroy1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00241Recruiting FilesDocuments the recruitment and eligibility of student althetes for participation in the athletics program governed by National Collegiate Athletic Association and ACC, which includes official visit of prospective athlete, , affirmation of eligibility, National Letter of Intent, and other related forms.6 years; destroy1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00242Equipment FilesDocuments the loaning of sportswear to athletes, which includes Equipment Room Daily Activity Report, rental charts, statement of lost equipment, and other related information.4 years; destroy1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00243Helmet Information FilesDocuents rental, wear, and maintenance of football helmets to meet all legal standards, which includes equipment fitting record, maintenance records, and warning statements regarding use of helmets.15 years; destroy1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00244Cheerleading FilesDocuments the selection of cheerleaders and establishment of promotional events, which includes applications for tryouts, promotional sign-up forms, and time schedules,Office: 6 years; transfer to University Archives for selection of documentation.1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00245Sports Information FilesDocuments information provided to public relations and news media regarding sports events at Clemson University, which includes box scores, play-by-plays, and team statistics.Office: 5 years, then transer to Univeristy Archives for selection of needed documentation.1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00246ScrapbooksRecords include newspaper clippings found in local newspapers concerning athletic events at Clemson University.Office: until reference value ceases, transfer to University Archives for selection of documentation. 1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00247Ticket ApplicationsDocuments applications to process requests for season and individual game tickets to athletic events, which includes applicant's name, address, phone number, and number of tickets requested.3 years; destroy1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00248Ticket RecordsDocuments the ticket operations and disposition of tickets for athletci events, which includes disposition of tickets, allocations for away games, stadium attendance, and other related records.3 years; destroy1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00249Medical RecordsDocuments student athletes' medical conditions during association with the university's athletic program, which includes player information, medical history, injury complaint, drug testing, and other related information.10 years after graduation or withdrawal; destroy1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 00250Player EvaluationsWeight training programs of athletes, player profiles, attendance records, performance rankingsOffice: 5 years; University Archives: selection of needed documentation1991
7101Athletic DepartmentCU 07951Student Academic Counseling FilesDocuments information concerning academic counceling for students participating in sports, which includes athlete's name, background, courses for current semester, tutors, grade release form, academic reports, and orientation information.6 years; destroy1994
7113IPTAYCU-VSPA-IPTAY-1Life Member RecordsDocuments the financial status of IPTAY life members, which includes IPTAY life members by amount categories, name, payments, and payment dates.Until no longer needed for reference; destroy1990
7113IPTAYCU-VPSA-IPTAY-2Matching GiftsDocuments matching gifts given to the university to support athletic activities; which includes correspondence, memoranda, copies of applications by company employees for matching gifts, matching gift forms, policies from participating companies, matching gift company reports, Matching Gifts Notes newsletter, receipt transmittal reports, copies of checks and receipts.Permanent 1990
7113IPTAYCU-VPSA-IPTAY-3Tiger Life Insurance FilesDocuments Tiger Life insurance policies offered through IPTAY, which includes correspondence, heir requests, policies, amendments to application for insurance, rider containing exclusion provision, statement of policy cost, and benefit information.Until no longer needed for legal, fiscal, or administrative reference; University Archives for selection of needed documentation.1990