Records Center

The Records Center is located off campus in the Library Depot at the Clemson Research Park.  It provides low cost storage for all Clemson University departments across the state.

Criteria for Storage

  1. Records Retention Schedule – the records must have an established schedule that specifies how long the records must be retained and their final disposition. To find the appropriate records retention schedule, please search the Records Schedules listing.
  2. Use – your records must be inactive.  If you refer to the records on a regular basis, they should be retained in your office for ready accessibility.  For example, if you use only the current 3 years, those years should be retained in your office and the older records sent to the Records Center.

Preparing Boxes for Storage

Records must be packed in banker boxes measuring 10”h x 12”w x 15”d and of at least medium-duty strength. These boxes can be purchased through buyWays.

Each box must be labeled with the following information that corresponds with the information provided on your Records Transfer Form:

  • Department name
  • Short description of the records
  • Box number

A Records Schedule is needed for any record stored in the Records Center. If unsure of what the corresponding records schedule is for the records to be transferred, please contact the Records Management team for guidance.

Tips for Packing

  1. Do not overpack or underpack boxes – each box should be over 50% full. The lid must fit securely on the box.
  2. No hanging file folders allowed.
  3. No 3-ring binders allowed.
  4. Place only one retention schedule per box or, if that is not feasible, pack similar retention periods together.

Preparing a Records Transfer Request

When preparing to submit a Records Transfer Request, be sure to provide the appropriate information to ensure a seamless transfer to the Records Center.

The following information is needed:

  • Department’s name
  • Budget code
  • Location
  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Number of boxes to transfer
  • Box description (or if preferred, file level)
  • Date of records

List one box per line and include a brief description of its contents including dates. This helps ensure the proper retention schedule is applied to the records.

Transferring the Boxes

Once you have completed the Records Transfer Form, please send it to the Records Center at  We will schedule a time and date to pick up your boxes.

If you have more than 20 boxes for transfer to the Records Center, you will need to make your own arrangements for their delivery to the Records Center located in the Library Depot, Anderson SC.

Accessing/Requesting Records

If a file or box(es) of records need to be accessed for reference, a records request for can be submitted. Records requests received before noon will have the file delivered to the provided location that afternoon, except in extenuating circumstances or if a large amount of boxes has been requested.

Requestors can also visit the Records Center after submitted a records request if there is a large volume of records to review.

Biannual Shreds/Destructs

Twice a year, the Records Center destroys or transfers to the University Archives records that have met their retention requirement. This occurs after the fiscal year ends on July 1st and after the end of the calendar year. Departments who have records that can be destroyed or transferred will receive a disposition form they will need to sign to confirm if the actions on the list.

Please note: if your department is undergoing litigation, an audit, or another event that prevents records from being destroyed they need to notify the Records Management team and the files listed on the disposition form CANNOT be destroyed regardless of the fact that they have met their retention requirement.

Storage Charges

Currently, the cost for storing records at the Records Center $0.40 box/month or $4.80 box/annually. Departments will receive an annual invoice prior to July with the total amount owed for storage and instructions on how to pay it. Paying via Marketplace is preferred, but Interdepartmental Orders can be processed if necessary.