What is a public record? Data and information, regardless of physical form or characteristics, which are prepared, owned, used, in the possession of or retained by a public agency.

What are general schedules? General schedules are common records found in all departments.

What are specific schedules? Specific schedules are unique records created within a department.

What is a retention schedule? A document that identifies and describes an organization’s records and provides instructions for the final disposition of those records.

What is a records inventory?  An analysis to determine the type, volume, inclusive dates and regulatory requirements of a department’s records.

What is a record’s series? A group of similar records that are related as the result of being created, received, or used for the same function.

What is a disposition? Records’ final destruction, deletion, or transfer to archives.

What are Transitory or convenience records? Transitory or convenience records are duplicate copies of official records created or preserved for convenient access and reference.

What is born digital? Information originally created in a electronic format.

What is the difference between University Archives and the University Record’s Center? Records stored in the University Record’s Center are temporary, inactive records. Records transferred to University Archives are records with permanent or ongoing value.

What if I cannot find a retention schedule for a specific document? Contact the Records Management personnel and request assistance.