Southern Studies

Southern Studies is a branch of American cultural studies that brings many disciplines together to examine the complexities of the culture, history, and people that make up this region of the United States. Is the American South simply a region? Or is it defined by accent, art, food, belief system, religion, or something else entirely. The area of scholarship called Southern Studies examines the South through some of the following areas (although there are many more): Religion, Geography, History, Sociology, Language, Ethnicity, Foodways, Ecology, Literature, Politics, Economics, Music, Gender, Sports and recreation, Education, Media, Art and architecture, and Science. This display of books, films, and music is by no means exhaustive but is meant to give everyone a taste of the many areas that converge to create a meaningful study of the Southeastern United States. To learn more about Southern Studies, you can visit the Center for the Study of Southern Culture or the Center for the Study of the American South.