CO-DREAM OER (Collaborative Development of Robotics, mEchatronics, and Advanced Manufacturing Open Educational Resources)


Project Objectives:

CO-DREAM OER will develop three textbooks, as well as ancillary materials on robotics education for associate level, undergraduate and masters programs in South Carolina. The project also involves research on the learning behavior of students in these programs, making sure that the textbooks produced will support their academic success.

Textbook Features:

  • CO-DREAM OER textbooks will come with “virtual reality” computer simulations that mimic human interactions with robots and workplace situations involving robotics. Students can gain hands on experience working with robots through these simulations, reinforcing concepts they learn.
  • Textbooks will also include interactive homework questions.
  • All textbooks and ancillary materials will be available for both online and offline use to support students from rural areas with low bandwidth.
  • Design of the textbooks are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), guided by the theories and practices of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and will contain inclusive language and examples.
  • The project will also engage students from technical college, bachelors and graduate programs, particularly those from under-represented backgrounds as co-investigators in research related to the development of the textbooks.

Benefits of the Project:

Robotics is an integral part of the advanced manufacturing industry that taking hold in the South and many other parts of of the US, which has the potential to generate millions of jobs in the current decade. Students in South Carolina and other regions face exciting career opportunities related to robotics, but their entry into the workforce has been hampered by expensive textbooks. These works  often don’t meet the demands of the employers and the workplace, and lack homework and other ancillary materials to support the needs of instructors. CO-DREAM OER seeks to address these issues, and to improve access to robotics related career opportunities for students from under-represented backgrounds through the development of free learning materials.

Timeline and Aspirations:

The project will complete textbooks from September 2021-August 2024. With additional financial support it seeks to develop 6 additional textbooks and ancillary materials supporting  mechatronics and advanced manufacturing education, two subjects that are closely related to robotics for the associate, undergraduate and masters levels.

Project Consortium: 

CO-DREAM OER is spearhead by a team of faculty from Clemson University Libraries, Clemson’s College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, Clemson University Press, the Clemson University Center for Workforce Development, as well as the Trident Technical College Division of Engineering and Construction and the Tuskegee University Mechanical Engineering Department. The consortium organizations represent three types institutions in South Carolina, its most prestigious R1 Research University, a prominent Historically Black College and the state’s largest technical college, which are located across South Carolina.


The project is also supported by BMW, ABB Robotics, the South Carolina Department of Commerce, and the Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries.

Funding Support:

CO-DREAM OER was made possible by the US Department of Education Open Textbook Pilot Program