Campus Study Spaces

As Clemson University transitions back to in-person instruction, a number of changes have been put in place to adhere to Clemson’s social distancing policies across campus. Below you can find information on where you can study on campus, as well as links letting you know how to make reservations for the spaces requiring them–University Libraries, Academic Success Center, and Watt Family Innovation Center.

Making Reservations

Clemson LibrariesVisit the Libraries Seat Booking page for more information.
Academic Success CenterStudents must make a reservation in advance for all 13 study rooms. Reservations are limited to a two-hour session per day. Seats in classrooms can be utilized as available. A schedule of classes will be placed outside each classroom so students are aware of when classes will be held.
Watt Family Innovation CenterVisit Watt Family Innovation Center's Reservations page for reservation information.

Classroom Use

Campus classrooms will be available for student study space whenever classes are not in session. Check the schedule for classes posted on the room’s door.


Visit Fall 2020 Study Space Inventory PDF for an accessible version of the below map.