Tabling on the Library Bridge

Tabling on the Library Bridge

Space is available on the Cooper Library Bridge for tabling by Clemson University student groups, organizations, classes or departments. Groups can reserve a space for tables/chairs (for a fee), a space for a personal table (free of charge) or reserve the space (free of charge) if no table is needed. There are certain restrictions and responsibilities associated with reserving the space so please read the instructions carefully. Groups who are tabling to promote a future event on campus must have prior approval from the office responsible for that particular space. If the group is uncertain, contact Hendrix Student Center Information Desk by calling 864-656-4636 for instructions. The group must supply a copy of the approval along with the Bridge Reservation Form.

Groups must read and agree to follow:
Standards for Preparing and Serving Food
Clemson University Facility Use Policy
Clemson University Guidelines for animal events

Open flame is not permitted on the Library Bridge.

Raffles (of any kind) or games of chance are not permitted on campus.

The fee structure is as follows:

  • One table 2/chairs Student Club/Organization fee $10.00
  • One table 2/chairs Employee/Departmental fee $15.00
  • Lost/non-returned Replacement fee $200.00 (minimum)

A charge will be applied to or created in My Library Account. Payments can be made by credit/debit/Tiger1 card. Payments made in the form of Inter-departmental order (IDO) are handled by the staff at the Library Service Desk (864-656-1557) on the main floor. Refunds are not permitted; however, another day may be substituted subject to availability. Two week notice and additional approvals are REQUIRED for reservations involving food.

To reserve space, fill out and submit the Tabling on the Library Bridge. You will receive an email confirmation when the reservation is approved.

Tables and chairs must be picked up and returned to the 4th floor Cooper Security Desk.
If you are interested in reserving other library event space, please contact the Library Facilities Manager, Teri Alexander.

Contact (and other resource) information:

Hendrix Student Center – 864-656-4636
Library Facilities Manager – 864-656-5172
Library Security Desk – 864-656-6194
University Housing & Dining – 864-656-2295
University Risk Management Office – 864-656-3354