Digital Publishing and Archiving

TigerPrints is an online openly available archive of Clemson Scholarship. In brief, we aim to capture the intellectual output of the university (articles, conference proceedings, posters, books, etc.) and make it openly available to the world. The benefits include:

Impact: A mounting body of research suggests that making your work openly available through a system like TigerPrints increases the speed at which it is cited and the total number of citations it receives over time. This makes sense, when you consider the fact that the most well endowed institution in India can afford only 1/10 the journal subscriptions that the most well endowed American institution can afford. So, there is a huge pool of potential researchers and global collaborators that do not have access to your work unless it is made openly available online.

Preservation: Each piece of scholarship uploaded to TigerPrints receives a unique and stable URL that will persist over time without breaking. Items are also archived on several geographically isolated servers.

Discoverability: The system is optimized to attract Google, Google Scholar, and other search engine crawlers. Items in TigerPrintsĀ have been downloaded nearly 1/2 million times in less than two years of operation. In addition, 2/3 of our traffic comes through search engines from researchers searching for information on a specific topic.