Data Management Services

Our Data Management Services group can advise researchers on best practices for handling their data and inform them of their options for completing a Data Management Plan (DMP), which is now a required part of many grants for funding such as NIH, NSF, DOE, and others. Our group consists of librarians and other information professionals that are experts on different subject areas as well as data, preservation, and open access. We work in conjunction with the Office of Research Compliance.



  • Meet one-on-one and go over options, pros and cons of different data storage options and management techniques, and best practices
  • Cover any requirements specific to your funding agency
  • Introduce you to DMP Tool and help you get started writing your DMP
  • Best option if the grant proposal deadline is more than 2 weeks in the future

DMP Review Service

  • Best if you are facing a deadline and have already written a draft of your DMP
  • We will proofread/review your draft and offer suggestions
  • We ask for at least a week to review the draft
  • DMP drafts will be kept confidential

Storage Options

Working Storage (data in progress)

  • At Clemson
    • DIY: Your own (or your lab’s) devices
    • Our institutional Box for secure cloud storage
    • Contact CCIT for storage quotes
  • Beyond Clemson
    • Funding agency cloud storage

Long Term Archiving and Sharing