Copyright Consultation and Publication Rights Management


Increasingly, students are required to produce multi-media projects in their courses. More often than not, these projects require students to repurpose and reuse existing images, video, text, and sound that may be protected by copyright. We assist students in understanding copyright basics, and how to identify copyright protected materials. We can provide guidance on how to find openly available materials for use in these projects, and how students may perform fair use analyses on protected materials to ensure their uses are not infringing. These same services are available to faculty who are converting traditional courses to online offerings.

A mounting body of evidence suggests that making research openly available online increases the speed at which it is cited and the total number of citations it receives over time. We are available to assist researchers in evaluating the terms of the copyright transfer agreements into which they enter with publishers, finding journals that allow authors to share work openly online, and negotiating their future publication agreements.

We also support authors who wish to explore open access publication models. We are available to assist authors in determining the reputability of open access publishers to avoid predatory publishing practices. The Libraries has also seeded a fund to help underwrite author-side fees associated with publishing in reputable open access journals.