Storing Records

If you don’t have space in your office to store your inactive records, they can be stored at the Library’s storage facility located in the Clemson University Research Park. Storage space is available for 6450 boxes of records. For us to maintain proper control of your records, you must follow the procedures listed below when sending your boxes for storage.

Packing the Boxes

To store records in the Records Center, you must use the required boxes shown below. You can order these boxes through the punchout in Clemson buyWay$. Search for product BANKERS BOX – Maximum Strength, Dimensions 10″h x 12″w x 15″d.

Do not overpack boxes.  Each box should between 50% and 90% full. Do not use hanging file folders in the boxes. Each box must be numbered; numbers should correspond with those on your Records Transfer Form.

Preparing a Records Transfer Form

Complete a Records Transfer Request by filling out all information.
To ensure the proper retention schedule, list one box per line along with a description of its contents and include the dates of records. Be sure your box numbers on the form correspond with the numbers on your boxes. This form should have basic content information. If you prefer to have a detailed listing of all folders, create a separate page for each box and include this with the transfer form. Look at a Sample Transfer Form.

Transferring the Boxes

When your boxes are ready to be picked up, email or fax us your transfer form. We will review your form for accuracy and completeness.  Your boxes will be picked up on the next regularly scheduled delivery/pick-up day.

Accessing your Records

When you store records in the Depot you still maintain control over them. If you need information from a box, complete a Record Request form. No one outside of your office will have access to your records without your authorization. To return stored University records please contact the Records Center Staff.

Disposition of Records

Staff in the Depot will monitor stored boxes until they are due for disposition. Notice of pending dispositions will be emailed to departments semi-annually. Offices being audited at the time of schedule disposition must notify us immediately. No records may be disposed of when there is an ongoing audit in place.

Storage Charges

The cost for storing records in the Records Center is currently 40¢/box/month. Bills are generated annually for the previous calendar year and are due by the end of the the following April.

Other Questions?

For more information, send an e-mail to the Records Center Staff.