Destroying your Records

Before any records are destroyed you should be sure to follow the records retention guidelines as outlined in the Clemson University Business Manual. For us to maintain proper documentation of destroyed records please follow the procedures below:

Complete a Records Transfer Form with inclusive dates and series titles so we can identify what records you want destroyed. Be sure to use the current Transfer Form. Put in the “notes” section that you are Requesting approval to destroy the listed records. Look at a Sample Transfer Sheet.

Upon receipt and review of your form, a disposition authorization form will be created by the Records Center staff. You will be emailed a copy of the form with instructions to sign it and attach it to your transfer form. At that time you may destroy your records. The Records Center does not destroy records. Our office provides the authorization for the destruction of records that have met their legal retention schedule.

If the records are being destroyed because they have been digitized, please consult Public Records Leaflet no. 13.  Original paper records can only be destroyed after certifying that the digital image has been visually inspected, is legible, and an ARM-13 form (Authorization for Disposal of Original Paper Records Stored as Digital Images) is approved by SCDAH. To obtain the approval, please complete the ARM-13 form and submit it to Records Management.  They will complete the approval process with SCDAH and notify you when the records can be destroyed.

We encourage you to use the recycling bins for records that have no confidential information. We encourage you to use the padlocked recycling bins for records that have confidential information. To learn more about secure document destruction and shredding services, please see Custodial & Recycling Services, or contact Recycling Manager, Dave VanDeventer at 656-4219.