The Special Collections and Archives Unit of the Clemson University Libraries is responsible for the creation and installation of exhibits in the exhibit cases in Robert M. Cooper Library and the Special Collections and Archives exhibit area in the Strom Thurmond Institute Building. Topics of display are selected based upon three primary criteria: relating to the instructional and research functions and areas of the University, disseminating educational information to the Clemson University community, or having potential interest to the campus community. Examples are exhibits promoting the Libraries’ collections or services; recognizing national, state, or campus events; or displaying documents or artifacts of significance. Objections to the subject or presentation of an exhibit will be handled in accordance with the Libraries’ Challenged Materials Policy.

Requests to display specific materials or items by University individuals, departments, or organizations outside the Libraries should be referred to the Curator of Exhibits in Special Collections and Archives well in advance of the requested date (usually six months). Requests to display materials outside the exhibit cases in Robert Muldrow Cooper Library should be referred to the Circulation and Facilities Manager who will address issues of space, safety and traffic flow. The Curator of Exhibits and the Circulation and Facilities Manager will keep each other informed about all requests.

Requests for all displays will be considered based on the criteria for topics mentioned above and the availability of space for the requested time. The decisions of the Curator of Exhibits and the Circulation and Facilities Manager may be appealed to the Dean of the Libraries.

Sponsoring individuals or groups will work in conjunction with the Curator of Exhibits or Circulation and Facilities Manager to prepare and install the exhibit. Exhibits prepared by individuals or groups other than Libraries staff will include a label identifying the individual or group who created the exhibit.