And the Winners Are…

omar winner 1 omar winner 2Congratulations to Zachary Ward and Bobby Ley for entering the Special Collections Starbucks gift card contest and answering the question about Omar Ibn Said correctly!

The question was: “What language did Omar use to write his autobiography?” Omar Ibn Said, a West African Muslim and Arabic scholar, wrote his autobiographical narrative of his life in his native Arabic.

This interesting exhibit featuring the manuscript written by Omar is currently displayed in the Special Collections Library. All are welcome to come view the exhibit, but you need to hurry! It will only be displayed through graduation.

ePortfolio Winners

The ePortfolio Award Winners have been announced! See Clemson’s Best ePortfolio, Best Gen Ed, Most Creative, Best Career ePortfolio and others.

Congratulations to this year’s awardees:
Katie Privett
Callie Grace Boyd
Jennifer Johnson
Abby Kate McElhenny
Jess Still
Dylan Robertson
Blake Storey

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