Meet Thursday the Therapy Cat

As part of a pilot program aimed at student wellness, the library now has a companion pet available for checkout. Thursday the Therapy Cat is a robotic therapy animal that responds to petting, hugging, and motion like a live animal.

Thursday can be checked out for 1 day from the Cooper Library Services Desk. Look out for future initiatives as part of this program!

Desk Deconstruction!

ConeThere’s lots of con-struction going on in Cooper Library but tomorrow there’ll be some de-struction going on!

The former Research Services Desk has been looking a little empty since May when we merged Research Services and Circulation Services into a single service point. Our intention has always been to take down the unused desks and add a more study space in Learning Commons East. Now that time has come! Well, it will come tomorrow, Tuesday, June 16.

There will be some noise, probably not any more than usual. *cough* Adobe Digital Studio *cough* The good news is work will only take one day.

We’ll have a small desk set up in the lobby where you can check out and return materials. Subject librarians will be on call to answer your questions. Or you can use any method to Ask a Librarian.

Come visit us and check out our new Library Services Desk!

Single Service Point: 2 Desks = 1

Face3On Monday, May 4 we are merging our Research Services and Circulation Services desks in order to serve you better. The new Library Services desk will be a one-stop service point for all your information and checkout needs.

Who should you talk to when you have a question, need to pay a fine, or checkout a book or other material? Anyone at the Library Services desk! During the day, the desk is staffed with circulation staff, librarians, and student assistants. Any of them will be happy to help you!

Face2Hours for the Library Services Desk will be 7:30am until 10pm*. Reference librarians will be at the desk 10am until 5pm if you have an in-depth question but any person working the desk will be able to help you. We’ll still have our chat/text/email service but it’s moving off the desk, so we anticipate quicker answers for you from those services.

Near the end of May, we will literally be merging the desks; taking them apart and recreating them into one updated, redesigned desk. There will probably be noise and activity in Learning Commons East as the move takes place but we’ll let you know ahead of time. We’ll also be taking down the old CCIT desk. Face1Removing the unused desks will increase seating and study space in that area. We appreciate your patience during this process.

We hope this merger makes it easier for you to get the services and answers you need in the most efficient way possible!

*Except for this week (intersession); hours are 8am – 5pm.