Farewell, Dabo and Tilly

Dabo and TillyThe library pond seems a little lonely these days. Dabo Duck and Tilly have moved, just this morning, to their new home in the South Carolina Botanical Garden.

In the last couple of weeks, several factors occurred that caused the decision to relocate Dabo and Tilly. First, Tilly recently hatched eggs and the young have disappeared, probably from predation (feral cats and foxes, maybe?). Second, because there aren’t as many students around campus, the food supply for the ducks had declined. Finally, Tilly seemed to have an injured wing.

Many people on campus including the University Veterinarian, the folks at the Botanical Garden, faculty in the Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, and university administration decided that Dabo and Tilly should be relocated for their own welfare. Everyone has the best interest of the ducks in mind and want Dabo and Tilly have the best, safest home possible.

Dr. Drew Lanham, a waterfowl expert and Dr. Shari Rodriguez, a faculty member in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology were successful in capturing Dabo and Tilly and have released them in the Botanical Gardens pond this morning. Our duck friends are adjusting and will be monitored throughout the week.

Dabo and Tilly’s new home is the largest pond at the Botanical Garden, where the other waterfowl are located. Please go by to see them and remember, if you want to feed them, bring oats, birdseed, fruits, or greens – no processed food.

We’ll miss them but are glad to know they are safe and happy!


Library Pond Drained–What About Dabo & Tilly?

Today is a perfect day for Dabo Duck.Over the weekend the library pond was drained. We know everyone is worried about Dabo Duck and Tilly. The folks in University Facilities spoke with some of the avian wildlife faculty in the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences about what would happen to Dabo Duck and Tilly when the pond was drained.

They were told that mallards usually move among several sites and said it would be surprising if they are only using the library pond. This may be why we don’t see them every time we are at the pond.

No one thinks draining the pond will cause any issues for the adult ducks since they would either just hang out until it was refilled or potentially leave for one of their other locations.  Typically, mallards would be nesting now if they have mated, and that the female would be spending the majority of her time sitting on the eggs. (Wouldn’t it be awesome they had babies!?)

The pond will be cleaned and the water replaced, hopefully by the end of the week.

We’ll keep an eye out for Dabo and Tilly. Maybe @Dabo_Duck will let us know where they are on Twitter.