Netflix (not really) and Thrill-ers!

PlayGet scary prepared for Halloween with our DVDs.

A shadowy figure emerges from a cloud of pumpkin spice and tells you this blog post is coming from… inside the library!

Okay, okay. We’re far better at helping you find scary stories than telling them. With Halloween coming up, we want to draw your attention to our seasonally-appropriate DVDs available for checkout. We have horror movies, thrillers, and sci-fi films. We even have categories for vampires and zombies and TV programs like Penny Dreadful and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Of course, some titles will appear in more than one of those categories.

Want something in a foreign language so you can convince yourself it’s studying? Not feeling subtitles today? Use “Limit/Sort” and select the language you want.

Only want items that are available right now? Mark the “Limit search to items not checked out” checkbox and click Search.

Have a few days to spare? We can even borrow titles we don’t own from other academic libraries!

Want to get even closer to the action? Check out our scary video games!jacko'lanternsm

If you have trouble finding something specific, just Ask A Librarian! We promise we’ll only recommend The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari just this once.

Happy Halloween!

Be sure and check out the Google doodle today! It’s really cute!

We have a few ways to celebrate online:

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!