Coop Wants to Know How to Help

It’s getting close to the end of the semester and exams are looming. Coop wants to know how he (and the library) can help you succeed.

Question 29: What (legal & practical) things can the Library do to help you succeed at the end of the semester?

We’ve had some great suggestions (practical and legal ones!)! Add yours to the wall or here in the comments.

Talk to Coop About Study Rooms

This week Coop needs your help with study rooms. There are 14 rooms in Cooper Library that can be reserved for group study. Coop wants to know:

Question 27: The library has a limited number of study rooms – what do you think would be the fairest method for making them available to all the students who need them?

Tell us your solution in the comments.

New Wall Question–Multimedia Equipment

Coop wants to know what y’all think about all the cool new multimedia equipment we have that you can check out.

The latest question is: The Library has lots of new multimedia to check out. Which of these items are you most looking forward to using?

See what others have said here or leave us a comment and tell us what you like.

Cooper Wants to Know About the Carillon

Coop and his wall are working with the Clemson Carillon this week. Coop’s question is:

In honor of the Clemson Memorial Carillon’s 25th Anniversary, what song would YOU want to hear the Carillon bells play?

And you can win stuff too!

Every Thursday in October, three different songs will be played at different times of the day from the Clemson Memorial Carillon in Tillman Hall.

Tweet your suggestion to @CUCarillon and the first 100 students will get a free T-shirt.