Snax & Stax Remodeled & Renamed

There’s a new man on campus, and by man, we mean a new POD Mini Mart in Cooper Library! P.O.D. stands for Provisions on Demand, which is what you’ll get if you stop by.

The new shop is located to the right of the lobby, just beyond the bathrooms and vending machines in the same space that housed Snax & Stax. The new and spacious layout allows for plenty of students to quickly get in and get out with whatever snacks or goods they need. The shop features bright lighting, and signs that advertise products in an amazing way. Frozen and chilled goods are separated by signs like “chillin’” and “freezin’” which not only reflect the temperature, but also the level of student accessibility.

The previous shop was congested, not allowing for a great amount of students to pass through. Displays were shoved awkwardly in corners, in the middle of the area, and up against the wall. The register was also not positioned in a central area. Previously, the cashier and store attendant would have been unable to move quickly from place to place to offer students assistance. Now, the attendant can answer questions and see if any customers need help, in addition to keeping an eye on the merchandise for quick restocking and record-keeping.

The new shop maximizes the wall space to promote cleanliness and organization. By placing objects vertically, rather than horizontally, the space is more welcoming and pleasing to the eye. Snacks are now separated by category and popularity. This organization makes the shop look like a well-organized CD store, rather than a cluttered garage sale.

The new shop also features a new smoothie machine that is quick and convenient. If it’s too cold outside to want this chilly beverage, the old microwave is still there to warm up any frozen snacks or food brought from home. The vending machines also are still available for even more convenience.

Student life involves running from classes, to appointments, to labs, to meetings, and back to class again. Trying to find good (and fast) food at a cheap price is pretty tough when your schedule is as tight as it is. With new places like P.O.D. convenience stores popping up, it becomes easier and easier to make it through the day.

Even if you don’t like change, you should take the time to check out the new layout of the P.O.D. and new snacks! Cooper surprised us with this new shop, and has many more surprises to come. Follow @clemsonlibrary on Twitter for the latest updates, tips, and giveaways!

Written by Riley Fontenot, student assistant at Cooper Library.

Snax & Stax Renovations

Renovations in the Snax & Stax Convenience Store on the 4th floor of Cooper Library will begin over the winter break.

There will be noise and moving of machines and equipment. The project should be completed in January 2014. Aramark is handling and funding the project.

The store is closed for the duration of the construction project.