Strategic Plan

The Clemson Libraries Strategic Plan is one in a network of internal documents guiding the policy and development of the Libraries for the 2020-2023 period, which integrates the Libraries R1 Report, Cooper Library Masterplan, Diversity Plan, and Clemson Libraries Unit Plans. The Clemson Libraries Strategic Plan is closely connected to and seeks to fulfill the strategic priorities of the Clemson Forward Strategic Plan. Its purpose is to lay out the six specific goals of the Libraries in serving the interests of Clemson University and its students, faculty and other personnel for the next three years: Student Success, Research, Facilities, Collections, Personnel, and Outreach.

The process by which this plan was created included an environmental scan of trends in higher education, trends and futures of academic libraries, and an examination of various assessments, reports, and other internal library documents. Feedback from the Libraries’ personnel was gathered through surveys and additional feedback was provided by the Library Leadership Team in the development of the document. The Clemson Libraries Strategic Plan builds on the previous strategic plan, LibrariesForward, and seeks to meet the anticipated needs of the Clemson University community.

In addition to revised goals, measurable outcomes and suggested strategies of how these goals can be reached are in the plan, as well as the revised mission statement that the Libraries developed in the fall of 2018. Lastly, a new vision statement that aligns with the mission statement and values that guide the work of the Clemson Libraries are included in the plan.

A final version of the plan is attached here: Strategic Plan 2020-2023.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Calling all Clemson Students! We are hosting a Virtual Scavenger Hunt next week (May 25-29) across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. All you have to do is find and post five items, tag us, and use the hashtag #VSHLibraries to participate! 3 winners will receive Amazon gift cards to their student email address! See the Official Rules below:

  • The item of the day will be posted at 9am Monday (May 25) – Friday (May 29) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Stories.
  • Participants must post their “find” between 9am and 4:30pm on the same day as the item is announced, tag @clemsonlibraies and include #VSHLibraries for consideration. Participants may post entries to Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Stories, Instagram, or Instagram Stories.
  • Participants must be Clemson students to qualify for 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes.
  • Posts will be reposted on Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Retweeted on Twitter according to where they are posted, if posted across multiple media forms they will be reposted on only one with preference given to Instagram, then Facebook.
  • @clemsonlibraries followers will be able to vote on their favorite posts by rating them 1-5 on Facebook and Instagram Stories or by liking a retweet. Voting will be open for as long as the story is posted, and likes on Twitter will be recorded 24 hours after it was retweeted (only likes on the @clemsonlibraries retweet will be counted to contribute to each posts score)
  • The Clemson Libraries Marketing team will consider each participating account for the number of cumulative votes and rating points (each like on twitter will count as a rating of 3.5) they received as well as judge the posts for  Creativity (50%), Consistency(40%) and Clemson Spirit (10%) to determine 3 winners and 10 or 15 honorable mentions and superlatives!
  • The 1st prize winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card to their Clemson student email address. 2nd and 3rd prize winners will each receive a $25 Amazon gift card to their Clemson student email addresses! Honorable Mentions and Superlatives for individual posts will be posted across Clemson Libraries Social Media!

Public Health Sciences students produce guidebook with help from Clemson Libraries

Clemson Libraries showcase An Ecological Approach to Obesity and Eating Disorders, the first publication of its collaboration with Clemson faculty on open pedagogy instruction. Open pedagogy is an innovative approach for student class projects that utilizes innovative web publishing technologies. It challenges students to work together to write an authoritative piece of information on their course subject for the public and publish it online. Based on constructivist educational theory, open pedagogy encourages students to learn collaboratively and peer reviewing each other’s writings. Open pedagogy projects teach students skills in public writing, professional editing, copyright law and using web publishing platforms. Students benefit by active learning, improvement in writing and resume enhancement.

Since last fall Clemson Libraries have trained instructors to teach using open pedagogy. It also educated students on copyright, publishing and editing in courses with open pedagogy assignments. An Ecological Approach to Obesity and Eating Disorders, a guidebook on eating disorders written for the general public is a product of this new library, faculty and student collaboration. It was written by students in HLTH 4150, a course taught by Prof. Becky Tugman from the Department of Public Health Sciences under the assistance of Clemson Librarians Yang Wu and Anne Grant. Clemson Libraries congratulates Prof. Tugman and her students for all their hard work.

For more information on open pedagogy please contact Yang Wu ( and Anne Grant (

Web of Science and ORCID

Clemson Libraries is pleased to announce that faculty now have two new ways to import their publications into Digital Measures, via Web of Science and ORCID!

Web of Science contains more than a billion cited references, including books, journal articles, patents, websites, conference proceedings and Open Access materials dating back to 1900.

ORCID is a unique and persistent identifier for researchers—an ID number that can help make your scholarship easier to find and attribute so that you get credit for all that you do. ORCID uniquely and persistently identifies you and your published work throughout your career, even if you change your name, publish under different variations of your name, move institutions, or switch fields. ORCID supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized and easily portable between research systems. ORCID is currently the most widely adopted cross-platform identifier and publishers and funding organizations such as the NIH, NSF, and Wellcome Trust are using (or planning to use) ORCID iDs in their records to facilitate grant application and manuscript submission processes.

To learn more about how to search for your publications in Web of Science and import them into Digital Measures, visit:

To learn how to connect your existing ORCID to Digital Measures and import your publications, visit:

Don’t have an ORCID account? Register for one yourself or email us to help you set one up!

Free RapidILL COVID-19 Pod Access

As part of the initiative to further unite libraries sharing their resources during the COVID-19 crisis, Clemson University Libraries has joined the Rapid-ILL initiative to help Clemson faculty, staff, and students receive journal articles they request through interlibrary loan even faster.

Created at Colorado State University in 1997  and now part of the Ex Libris Company, Rapid-ILL boasts 24 hour or less turnaround times and a network of 175 libraries, including Cornell University, CalTech, Purdue University, the University of Texas – Austin, MIT, the University of Oregon, Penn State, West Virginia University, and Columbia University.

If you need book chapters, journal articles, standards, technical reports, theses and dissertations, and meeting proceedings, please log on to your interlibrary loan account by visiting this link and entering your Clemson University username and password. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Resource Sharing at or call 864-656-5186.

Partnership for Children’s Book about COVID-19

The Clemson University Life Sciences Outreach Center recently published Community Heroes, a book for young readers by Renée Lyons with illustrations by Sarah Rose Lyons. Based on recommendations from medical professionals of Prisma Health, the story focuses on how we can protect ourselves and our communities from COVID-19. The book is available as an open-access ebook, in both English and Spanish.

In response to requests for print copies, the book’s author reached out to Clemson University Press for advice. The Press proudly provided distribution services through its partners at Ingram Lightning Source, who have worked hard to ensure business continuity to many in the publishing industry throughout the current crisis. The book is now available in print through online retailers worldwide, such as Barnes & Noble. The book was produced as a not-for-profit service publication at a moment of crisis: print copies of both the English version and the Spanish version may be ordered directly from the Press, at the cost of printing and shipping.

Clemson University Press is integral to the University’s land-grant mission. Through collaborations with partners across campus and throughout the world, the Press disseminates research and information that enriches the lives of people across our state and beyond.

Flipster Trial

Looking for some new options for leisure reading?  Take some time to try out our trial of Flipster, an online popular magazine platform.  There’s something for everyone – entertainment, food, gardening, politics, science, travel, coin collecting, stitchery, history, and much more.

You can access Flipster from the Databases A-Z page (; look for it in the bottom right corner in the “Trials” section, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the list of EBSCO products.

Try it out on your laptop or download to a mobile device. Let us know what you think here: Feedback.


Virtual Movie Night

We are partnering with Clemson Home and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) to provide a 2-part movie night event! Participants can access “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” from TigerFlix and can join us for a virtual watch party chat on 4/16 at 8 PM.
We will have a virtual discussion on the movie on 4/20 from 8:00-8:45 PM. Participants can register to attend the events at the following Zoom links and then will receive more information via email: