Activity at Architecture Library

The Gunnin Architecture Library has recently finished converting its collection to Radio Frequency Identification chips instead of traditional barcodes. This will help them circulate books easier and keep track of those books on the shelves more effectively.

If anyone wishes to ask questions about the process please contact Branch Head Gypsey Teague ( or one of the Architecture Library staff (656-3933) and they’ll be glad to tell you all about it.

Be Careful in the Compact Shelving

Have you looked for a book on the first floor yet? If you have, you may have noticed that the shelves (or as we call them, stacks) look different than on the other floors. Those types of stacks are called compact shelving. It’s compact because the shelves can be pressed right up against each other. Turn the crank on the end of each shelf to open it up and get to the book you need.

Be careful as you go in between the shelves! The floor is uneven because of the rollers that make the shelves move is under it.

How to NOT get squished in the compact shelving:

Before you enter the aisle, press the center of the handle to lock that row so it will stay open. If the aisle is locked, a red ring shows in the middle of the handle. Be sure that you release the lock-tab when you’re finished in that aisle!

Are You Alarming the Library?

It’s kinda embarrassing when you leave the library and the alarm goes off! That can happen when you forget to check out books or media. After an item has been checked out, we desensitize the security strip and that keeps the alarm from going off as you walk through the gate at the exit doors.

We have learned that your textbooks, DVDs, and CDs are often security stripped (by the store where you purchased them) and those strips can cause Cooper’s alarm to go off. We will be happy to desensitize your stuff so the alarm doesn’t go off every time you leave the library.

Just stop by the Circulation Services Desk and they will be glad to help you!

What’s in the purple box?

Have you tried OneSearch yet? Be sure and let us know what you think! There’s a link to the feedback form in top right corner of any search results page. It’s new and we’re still tweaking things!

We told you all about OneSearch yesterday. So today, let’s talk about what those other tabs are in the big purple box.

  • The first tab is for OneSearch. (Duh.) By searching in that box you search almost all of the Clemson Library’s collections. You get books, articles, media, manuscripts, etc.
  • The second tab is the Library Catalog. By searching in this box you get what we own BUT you CAN’T search for articles.
  • The last tab is LibGuides. LibGuides are research guides, class guides, and subject pages compiled by librarians here.

Interlibrary Loan

What can you borrow on Interlibrary Loan? Cash, a cup of sugar, some tools? No, they don’t have that kind of stuff; but you can get books and articles. If the Clemson University Libraries do not have a book or article that you need, just fill out an ILL form and we’ll get it for you.

Read all about how to get materials on ILL here.

Be sure and pay close attention the section on textbooks. We can’t get those!

New Books, New “Location”

Items on the new books shelf now have their own location in the catalog, called “Cooper 4th Floor New Book.”

New books are put out on the new book shelf as soon as they are ready for checkout. Items will stay on the shelves for a minimum of 2 weeks. When a book is taken off the shelf its location will be switched back to Cooper Library and it will be shelved in the stacks.

Now you can browse the physical shelves for our newest items or you can see them in the catalog!

Library Lingo: Reserves

What are Reserves?

Materials (books, articles, class notes, solutions, sample tests, etc.) selected by faculty members may be placed “on reserve” for a semester for use by students in their classes. These materials may be made available in print or electronically.

Ask about them at the Circulation Desk on the 4th floor.

Library Lingo:Off-Campus Storage

Sometimes you will see “Off-Campus Storage” listed as a location in the library catalog. This means the book or journal has moved to our Remote Storage Facility, an off-campus site where little-used library materials are stored to alleviate overcrowding in the on-campus libraries. The Remote Storage Facility is not open to the public.

However, you can still use the stuff in storage. Use the online request forms to request materials be sent to you from remote storage. Retrieval requests will be processed within 24 hours excluding weekends and University holidays.

If you have questions, please Ask A Librarian.