More Bottle Filling Stations

We’ve added 2 more bottle filling stations to the 3 we already had. You can find the stations in the following locations:

  • 1st floor: Between restrooms
  • 2nd floor: By restrooms in 207
  • 3rd floor: between 310 and 311
  • 4th floor: Next to 409 back door
  • 5th floor: By Starbucks restrooms

Take a look at our maps to help you find one no matter where you are.

Shelving Project on 3rd Floor

 There is an on-going shifting project on the 3rd floor of Cooper Library. We are moving materials and rearranging some shelves and taking down others to make more space for you.

We realize that normally the 3rd floor is pretty quiet even though parts of it are green study zones. Unfortunately, there’s no way to quietly take down metal shelves and we apologize for that.

Signs have been added to the space so it’s easier to tell where the work is being done and we promise that we’re working a quickly as possible. Also, no work will go on at night; it’s an 8:00am to 5:00pm work day.

Other quiet or silent spaces are available on the 1st and 2nd floors. Have you seen the new study carrels on the 1st floor? Check them out.

Also, we’re working on opening up more study space on the 3rd floor in the area that was formerly Special Collections and Archives and before that Cooper Cafe (Rooms 311/301/301a).

New Year, New Furniture on the 1st Floor

When you get back after winter break, we’ll have some new furniture on the first floor. But in order to get that new furniture, we’ll have to close the first floor the week of December 18. We’ll be removing the old carrels and bringing in new ones.

If you need something that’s on the first floor, go the Library Services Desk and ask for it. We’ll be able to get things for you to use or check out.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


3rd Floor Door Deconstruction

Update 2 — The east doors have been delayed until Wednesday, November 1.


East doors have been delayed until Friday, October 27.

On Thursday, October 26 the 3rd floor employee doors on the east and west sides of Cooper Library will be replaced. We are hopeful that the project can be completed in 1 day. There will be noise and disruption, including deliveries coming in on the east side Thursday morning.

So for those of you who study on the 3rd floor, you might want to pick a different spot for the day.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Library Bridge Closed During Fall Break

The library bridge will be closed beginning the evening of Sunday, October 15th and all day Monday, October 16th for more re-surfacing work. It will reopen Tuesday morning, October 17th.

Pedestrians can access Cooper from the east or west exterior staircases.

This work is necessary to complete the repairs on the deck.