New Security Measures for Library Databases

As you know, CCIT (Clemson Computing Information & Technology) has recently implemented new security measures for the way we access various campus accounts and resources. These measures are designed to help protect investments in technology and safeguard your personal information.

In the past year, Clemson Libraries has seen a substantial increase in the potentially unauthorized use of its electronic resources. Why does this matter?

  1. Expenditures for electronic resources represent the majority of our budget for research materials.
  2. The vendors that provide access to these materials can temporarily suspend access for everyone when unauthorized use is suspected.

This is why we are implementing new security measures to protect this investment and ensure we maintain access to these resources for your research.

Starting this semester, you will be asked to log in (with your standard Clemson username and password) more frequently when using some of our electronic resources on campus. Requiring these additional logins will allow us to identify excessive or suspicious access before our vendors detect it and suspend access for the entire campus.

If you experience any problem maintaining access to our electronic resources, please contact us.

For more information about excessive or suspicious activities, please refer to our Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources.