Coop is back!

The Cooper Wants to Know Wall is back! Some of you probably remember it from last semester. If you don’t remember it or haven’t seen it before, let me tell you a bit about it.

The wall is an ongoing conversation between the Library and its users. Each week, a new question is posted, and everyone entering the building is asked to contribute an answer to it.

Overseeing the wall is “Coop”, a framed picture of Robert M. Cooper, the library’s namesake, whose cartoon bubble proclaims “I want to know!”

The wall was created in Spring 2010 by the Libraries Undergraduate Creative Inquiry team, which was asked to come up with creative ideas for finding out how students really used the library and what resources and services they wanted and needed most. Questions have ranged from “Describe the library in one word.” to “If someone gave you $1000 to buy a present for the library, what would you buy?”

The answers we receive every week (both serious and comic) are collected and entered into a spreadsheet, sorted by question and category. These responses are actually important pieces of feedback that the Libraries are using in their decision-making, planning and assessment processes, and have already been cited to support furniture purchases and funding requests.

The wall is an open forum, but promotional flyers, telephone numbers, and obscene material are removed. If you have any questions about the wall, please contact Librarian Peggy Tyler at or (864) 656-5179.

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