Emeriti Services

Borrowing Privileges

Emeriti may have up to 300 items* checked out at a time. You can also request materials from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan.

Emeriti with valid university IDs and passwords can access online library resources from our webpage. If you experience difficulty logging in, contact CCIT at 864-656-3494 or ithelp@nullclemson.edu.

*Quantity limits apply for certain material types such as DVDs, CDs, popular reading titles, and journals.

Books 16 weeks
Magazines, journals, and newspapers 3 for 3 days
Popular reading materials (books, audiobooks) 4 for 4 weeks
Materials on reserve Varies
Media (CDs, DVDs) 10 for 4 weeks
Juvenile books 12 weeks

An emeritus that does not return an overdue item within seven days will have all library privileges, including ILL borrowing privileges, blocked. If you lose or damage a book, you will be charged for the lost/damaged book plus the processing fees charged by the lending library.

Emeriti may pay fees online through their Library Account with credit/debit cards or by using a checking or savings account. If paying in person, patrons must have a TigerStripe account attached to their library card through TigerOne online services.

Accessibility Services

The main library has accessibility services such as material location assistance and retrieval; scanning services; and reference and research assistance. We also have accessible restrooms, an intel reader, and a video phone.


The main library has handicapped-accessible and metered parking in the east and west lots. Patrons may use the door located on the ground floor on the east side of the Library. An intercom/buzzer system is available to gain entry to the building.

Additional accessible parking is available throughout campus. If you would prefer not to apply for a parking permit, you can utilize visitor parking. For emeritus parking privileges, you may contact Parking Services at 864-656-2270, call parking@nullclemson.edu, or visit G-01 Edgar Brown Union.


Book delivery via UPS is available for faculty, staff, graduate students or undergraduate students if they participate in distance education programs or are registered with the Student Accessibility Services office. Any Clemson University staff or faculty member, or any student with a disability, can also select a proxy borrower to come and get items for them. If you have additional needs or requests, please contact the Information and Research Services Department directly at 864-656-5180 or by email at library@nullclemson.edu.

Library Cards

Clemson University emeriti can get a free retiree borrowing card from the library or can purchase an Emeritus Faculty Retiree card from the TigerOne card office.

Getting Your Card

You can come by the Library Services Desk in Cooper Library, Architecture Library or Tillman Media Center to get a library card for free. If this card is lost or stolen, replacements cost $15.

Alternatively, a member of the Emeritus College that is listed as a “Retiree” in the CBORD system can request an Emeritus Faculty Retiree card through the EC. This card has all of the aforementioned library privileges, but has additional perks (provided by the EC) that a retiree library card does not. This card costs $30 and you must bring a driver’s license of government issued ID to the TigerOne office located in 111 Hendrix Student Center to purchase it. If this card is lost or stolen, you should contact the Emeritus Office immediately. For questions regarding emeriti privileges, please contact Nicci Hanewald, program assistant for the EC, at 864-656-3990 or nherman@nullclemson.edu.

Disclosure Statement

The Confidential Library Records Act (South Carolina Code of Law 60-4-10) passed by the South Carolina Legislature and signed by the Governor on May 22, 1985 states that it is unlawful to disclose Library records “which by themselves or when examined with other public records would reveal the identity of the library patron checking out or requesting an item from the library or using other library services…”

However, the records of library materials you borrow or use can be disclosed:

  • to persons acting within the scope of their duties in the administration of the library or library system
  • persons authorized, in writing, by the library patron to inspect their personal records
  • in accordance with proper judicial order
  • in compliance with the USA PATRIOT (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism) Act of 2001 (PL 107-56) regarding terrorist activities