Library Fees Per Semester

What are the current library fees for students?

Please see the current Tuition and Fee Schedules published by the Student Financial Services office.

What do the fees pay for?

Clemson Libraries uses a portion of the fees to cover personnel costs, maintain and add new technologies, and update furnishings in Cooper Library and our branch locations. But the fees are primarily used for collections; specifically to pay for our subscriptions to hundreds of full-text journal databases on a variety of subjects; our membership in PASCAL, which provides us with access to our state-wide book search and delivery system; as well as purchasing books, e-books, and other scholarly materials.

Why do the fees sometimes increase?

While the fees have increased over time, they still do not produce enough revenue to cover the total annual inflation increases for library subscriptions.  The library fee for full-time undergraduate students increased to $100 in 2019, representing an increase in funds for Clemson Libraries of $467,355.  In this same year, publisher prices are expected to increase 5-6% with inflation, representing an additional cost of $470,440 on top of our current budget.  We never want to charge students more than we must, but without these additional funds the Libraries will be forced to reduce subscriptions and book purchases, negatively impacting student success at Clemson.

Why is the fee higher for graduate students?

Graduate students typically use more library resources than undergraduates.  According to a recent study of how Clemson students use the library, graduate students represent approximately 21% of the student population but they account for 83% of all interlibrary loans and 41% of library circulation.

For additional information and questions, please contact the Clemson Libraries at 864-656-3027.